What is the Big Deal About Elderberries?

what is the big deal about elderberries

Elderberries are everywhere!

Seriously, elderberry advertisements are everywhere during the winter months. But is it worth trying?

My family has avoided the flu and other seasonal colds since we added an elderberry elixir to our wellness program. But our results are the only reason you should look into adding it to yours.

Here are a few reasons people love elderberry!

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What is the big deal about elderberries? Learn about the health benefits of the elderberry and where to find quality and affordable elderberry products for your family. 

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Benefits of Elderberries

The most common use of elderberries is one that perked my interest. When combined with other ingredients and made into an elixir or syrup, it has been known to shorten the severity and duration of flu symptoms. According to Web-MD, it works similar to the prescription drug oseltamivir (Tamiflu).

Another nugget of information that caught my eye while reading more about this interesting fruit was that it has been found to effective in relieving constipation. Until now I have only kept an elixir on hand to combat colds, but now I plan on keeping a DIY kit on hand to make tea with whenever someone in my household finds themselves backed up!

For the past year, my family has been turned to the elderberry elixir from Earthley Wellness whenever we have felt a cold coming on. In that time not one of us has had a cold go beyond the sniffle phase. While there are many products to choose from online, my family only uses Earthley’s Elderberry Elixir. It is effective and affordable.

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flu symptom fighting elixir made with elderberries

Affordable Elderberry Products

The elderberry products I purchase for my family are from Earthley Wellness.

The elixir comes in two versions. One for adults and an alcohol free version for children.

There are two version of the kits. The first is for daily use to support your immune system. The other is for on demand use to help soothe sniffles, sore throats, and coughs.

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