Download Your Free Merry Christmas Eve and Day Self-Care Checklist

Merry Christmas Eve and Day self care checklist

Keep the day merry and your pain low with this self-care checklist!

While I want you to enjoy your Christmas Eve and Day celebrations, I also want you to take care of yourself.

To get through Christmas Eve and Eay with less pain, keep the following tips in mind!

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Use this self-care checklist to stay hydrated

Drink a glass of water for every non-hydrating beverage you indulge in. Bring a filled refillable water bottle to celebrations where you aren’t sure if there will be access to drinking water.

Listen to Your Body

Enjoy laughing and having fun with family and friends! Just don’t forget to listen to your body. If it is sending signals of distress, listen and obey! It may require modifying whatever activity you are participating in or attending to a pain source before it spirals out of control.


Download this self-care checklist

Merry Christmas Eve and Day self care checklist


Give Yourself a Break

Take a break now and then. It could be the kind of break that allows your body to rest. Feeling overstimulated by all the noise and lights? If so, breakaway for a moment, even if it is just a visit to the restroom.

Watch What You Eat

Be mindful about what you put in your mouth. Make sure to avoid foods that you are allergic to and try your darnedest to resist foods that trigger inflammation and chronic pain.

Now turn off your phone or computer and go celebrate!!!

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