Alternative Experience Attractions at Disneyland

Three alternative experience attractions at Disneyland

How many theme parks offer alternative experiences to their iconic attractions? Disneyland goes farther than any other theme park I have visited to make sure all guests have the opportunity to experience as many attractions as possible.

In addition to having thirteen rides that allow non-ambulatory guests remain in their wheelchairs, they also offer three alternative experiences!

These alternative experiences are the perfect solution for guests who use a mobility aid, are unable to climb stairs, have a fear of heights, experiences claustrophobia, or has a disability that would prevent them from enjoying the attractions featured in this post.

There’s something for everyone at Disneyland! #accessibility #disability

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sleeping beauty castle Disneyland

Sleeping Beauty Walk-Through Alternative Experience

Sleeping Beauty’s castle has a walk through attraction that takes guests through her story. It involves walking up and down steep and dark staircases.

For guests who have difficulty with staircases, issues with depth perception, seeing in dimly lit halls, and/or would feel claustrophobic in a cramped space, Disneyland offers an alternative experience.

See inside #SleepingBeauty ‘s #castle without having to climb the dark and steep staircase #accessibility #mobilityaid #sensoryissues #disability #Disneyland

Where to find it

The alternative experience is located on the right as guests make their way into Fantasyland via the castle’s drawbridge. If approaching from Fantasyland it is on the left side right next to the walkway under the castle to the drawbridge.

It is a self-serve attraction, meaning that there are no cast members stationed at it.

It is wheelchair accessible. There is a bench for guests not requiring a mobility aid. It is a small space, but rarely has a wait.

Guests are treated to a video of what is inside the walk through. This also includes what can be seen when guests look through the keyholes in the doors located inside the walk through.

Tarzan's treehouse Disneyland

Tarzan’s Treehouse Alternative Experience

Tarzan’s Treehouse is located on the west end of Adventureland. The entrance, which is a steep staircase, is located between two paths that lead to New Orleans Square and Frontierland.

This attraction consists of multiple staircases (some of which are spiral) and suspension bridges. I do not recommend this attraction to anyone who has a mobility issue of any kind.

For guests who have mobility limitations or a fear of heights, Disneyland offers an alternative experience.

The alternative experience is the interactive area that the guests who climb to the top of the tree house end their adventure at.

TIP! While in the interactive area be on the lookout for two Beauty and the Beast characters!! I won’t say who they are, but you will know them when you spot them!


How to access it

To access the alternative experience guests will need to seek the assistance from the cast member located at the entrance to Pirate’s of the Caribbean. This can get tricky on a busy afternoon/day when the cast member becomes buried in a sea of people. I recommend having one person in your party make contact with the cast member while the rest stay off to the side and out of the path of foot traffic.

Once a cast member has been notified, either they or another will escort you to the interactive area via a private entrance. They will then remain there while you make your way through the lower level of the attraction. Note that this is not a large area and is often crowded as it is the last stop for those who entered via the standard entrance. Return to the gate where you entered and a cast member will then escort you out.

While you won’t get to view the park from the top or see the full attraction, the interactive portion is fun and at the very least allows you to hang out at the base camp.

Finding Nemo submarine voyage Disneyland

Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage Alternative Experience

Located in Tomorrowland, Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage takes guests on an under sea adventure. To ride in the submarines guests must be ambulatory and able to climb a steep, tight, spiral staircase.

This attraction offers an alternative option for guests who require use of a mobility aid, are unable to climb stairs, are claustrophobic, or have any issues with being inside cramped quarters with large amounts of people.

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To access the alternative experience guests will enter the standard queue. Notify the cast member at queue entrance (occasionally you won’t come into contact with one until you are a portion of the way through the line) that you would like to use the alternative experience. They will then give you instructions about where and when to shift from the standard queue to the accessible portion.

“When something is too hard … There is always another way.” -Dory’s dad. Like Disneyland’s #FindingNemo alternative viewing experience! #disability #accessibility

What to expect

The room is set up to make you feel like you are inside one of the submarines, but without rubbing shoulders with strangers. It is spacious and has room for multiple mobility aids, plus has two benches for seating.

Even though it is a large enough room, it may still trigger claustrophobia. Do not worry! There are two doors, an entrance and exit, that both remain unlocked during your visit. As the cast member will explain, you may leave at any time.

Guests are then treated to the same view as the guests looking out of portholes have on a large screen.

Which have you tried or are looking forward to trying?

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