Seven Allergy Friendly Cookies

seven allergy friendly cookies

Everyone loves cookies!

However, not everyone is able to enjoy the cookies shared at most potlucks, parties, family gatherings, and holiday celebrations because of food allergies.

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Allergy-Friendly Cookie Crisis

People with food allergies and sensitivities often feel left out while watching their friends and family enjoy a feast of foods they cannot digest.

Consuming a friend or family member’s homemade allergy friendly recipe can also be a terrifying experience. How careful were they in preventing cross contamination? Do they really understand what it means to have your particular allergy or sensitivity?

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Quick Fix to Provide an Allergy-Friendly Option

There’s an quick and easy way to remedy this dilemma.

If you are the guest, bring a allergy friendly cookie gift basket. Choose your favorite allergy friendly cookies, place in an attractive bowl , and wrap in cellophane. This way all the host has to do is to unwrap the cellophane and place the bowl in the serving area. While it may feel odd bringing your own dessert, you are still giving the host a gift by choosing a serving bowl that they can use again and again.

If you are the host, you may ask guests about allergies or cover the big three (gluten, dairy, and peanuts) by providing options for each. Be sure to keep them away from the prep area and other foods, leave in wrapper if individually wrapped, and place the label near the option so your guests may know exactly what they are consuming. Click here for more tips on how to avoid cross contamination.

Gluten – Dairy – Peanut FREE Options

allergy friendly soft baked cookies gluten dairy and peanut free

Enjoy Life Soft Baked Cookies

These allergy-friendly soft-baked cookies are gluten, dairy, nut, and soy FREE! Comes in a variety of flavors, click here to see them all.

gluten, dairy, and peanut free snicker doodle cookie

Cybele’s Free to Eat Snicker Doodle Cookies

These snicker doodle cookies are free from the top 8 allergens: no dairy, eggs, wheat. soy, peanuts, tree nuts, fish; shellfish, and is certified gluten-free. See full ingredient list here.

gluten free dairy free nut free colored sprinkled cookies

Katz Colored Sprinkle Cookies

These festive colored sprinkled cookies are gluten, dairy, and nut-free! See the full ingredient list.

Organic Chocolate Chip Cookies

Healthy Sensations Organic Chocolate Chip Cookies

These certified organic chocolate chip cookies are gluten, dairy, and peanut free! See more information and find other flavors too!

raspberry linzer cookies gluten free dairy free and nut free

Raspberry Linzer Cookies

These gluten, dairy, and nut free cookies are also certified Kosher. Perfect for an after dinner treat or to give as a gift. See full list of ingredients and purchase here.

Gluten-Free and Dairy-Free

gluten free snicker doodle cookie dairy free

Nana’s Snicker Doodle

Nana’s brand snicker doodle is both gluten and dairy free. See full list of ingredients as well as other flavors including some nut free varieties.

gluten and dairy free peanut butter chocolate chip cookie

Munk Pack Vegan Protein Cookie

These individually wrapped peanut butter chocolate chip cookies are both gluten and dairy free. Great to have on hand for your food allergy friends! Grab a pack today!

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    1. It can be tricky. Thankfully it’s a bit easier now than it was 16 years ago when I had to put my toddler on a gluten free diet. At that time I had to shop separate and more expensive stores for her. Thankfully, even if a small section we can find something at most stores.

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