My Winter Cold Remedies

my winter cold remedies

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With winter cold season quickly approaching, I thought I would take a moment to share my favorite cold and flu remedies.

I am taking a two part approach to warding off nasty germs this year.

The first part is to take preventative measures and the second being armed and ready to address symptoms the second they make themselves known.


Last Thanksgiving, I was hit with a nasty bout of bronchitis. It took months to shake and I have no desire to repeat last year’s experience.

This year I am taking preventative measures.

The first step in protecting my body from unwanted germs is taking a daily dose of elderberry elixir. The elixir I use is combined with other immune strengthening herbs that together give my immune system a boost.

My second step is to take daily doses of Feel Better Fast. Just a few drops a day helps to reduce the horrible inflammation that I normally experience throughout my sinuses.

Other ways I plan to prevent catching the flu or a winter cold is by avoiding people who are sick, limiting the amount of people I shake hands with or hug, wearing a mask when visiting places where there may be a lot of germs, and of course washing my hands often.

Action plan

If I should find myself feeling like I am coming down with a bug, my plan is to have everything I need on hand to stop germs in their tracks.

My medicine cabinet is filled with several herbal remedies aimed to evict germs that are trying to make themselves at home in my body.

As a stated above, I take Feel Better Fast every day. However, at the first sign of a cold all I have to do is increase my dosage for a few days until the symptoms subside.

Remedies I use solely for sickness are Cough Be Gone, Immune-Biotic, and Pain Potion.

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my winter cold remedies

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