New! Vanilla Bean Body Butter

Whipped body butter vanilla bean natural

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I don’t know about you, but in my quest to live with less chronic pain I have found replacing chemical filled skincare products with natural and organic ones to be a great help.

Even if I don’t notice a difference right away, I know that in the long run, my skin and overall health will be better than had I continued applying chemicals.

With that said, today I want to introduce you to one of my favorite natural skincare products that was just released in an amazing scent!

One of my favorite autumn scents is vanilla bean!!

Thankfully, my favorite herbal company has just released a vanilla bean scented whipped body butter!!!

Whipped body butter vanilla bean natural

Body butters are fantastic for hydrating your skin in any season, but it’s even better when it comes in a seasonal scent!

My friends at Earthley use a base of base of mango butter and apricot oil that leaves your skin soft, not sticky like other brands of body butter. Then they add whole vanilla beans to scent it naturally.

Use it anytime your skin feels dry, after a shower to lock in moisture, and in the bathroom to use after washing your hands.

It comes in two sizes, 4 and 8oz.

And if vanilla bean isn’t your thing, it is also available in lavender or spring blossoms scents.

Whichever you choose, don’t wait! Click here to order yours now!

BTW Order over $50 in product and you will receive FREE shipping!

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