Make Chronic Pain Your Bitch for FREE

free download of Make pain your bitch, How to dominate your chronic life

*Disclosure: This post includes affiliate links. Meaning that at no additional cost to you, I receive a commission when you make a purchase through my links. The proceeds earned fund the giveaways I host in my Facebook groups.

Want to make pain your bitch?

What do you do when you figure out how to do something better?

You tell everyone you know!

So that is what I am doing!

In my eBook, Make Pain Your Bitch: How to Dominate Your Chronic Life, I share what changes made living with my chronic illnesses easier.

I spent the first few years after being diagnosed with fibromyalgia, psoriasis, and psoriatic arthritis thinking my doctors would be able to return my physical ability to what it once was.

Then became severely depressed when that didn’t happen.

I lost all hope.

Nothing improved.

Before I knew it twelve years went by and my health and wealth had all been depleted. I was done. Thankfully, before attempting to take my life, I decided to try something different.

I started with one change, then another, and so on. Some changes were to how I treated chronic pain and my symptoms. While others were dealing with the emotional aspect of living with invisible illnesses.

For the past 7 years my life has done nothing but get better each year.

I want everyone to be as happy with their lives as I am with mine, despite chronic pain/illness!

That is why I am giving away FREE copies of my ebook!

There are two ways to claim your copy:

  • Become a Disabled Diva Subscriber! Click here to subscribe. The link to download your PDF copy will be emailed shortly after you subscribe.
  • Join one of my Facebook groups (except for Disneyability). You will find the link to download your gift in the announcements of Make Pain Your Bitch with The Disabled Diva, Fitness Buddies, Spoon Rest, and The Disabled Diva’s Deals. Click here to become a member of one or all!
free download of Make pain your bitch, How to dominate your chronic life

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