The Disabled Diva’s Weekend Recap: July 22-26, 2019

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Monday July 22

Ignoring the needs of my chronic illnesses and mental health is a recipe for disaster. Find out why it is okay to visit Fantasyland, but not live there. “I may visit Fantasyland, but I no longer live there”

In my latest article for, I share four ways to plan a successful outing. Click here to improve your next outing!

Tuesday July 23

Whether on vacation or enjoying an afternoon out of the house, it is easy to forget about our needs.

We want to have fun!

We want to try new things!

We WANT TO FORGET our illnesses!

We may think that we can do whatever we want without paying any consequences.

While the idea of living like we aren’t sick is attractive and enticing, it is extremely dangerous!

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Wednesday July 24

Learn more about my two and a half years of experience with pemf therapy here and more about the device I use here

Thursday July 25

Read this blast from the past about how weather changes turn my days and nights inside out and upside down!

Friday July 26

Let’s get real, a cure is not on the horizon! With that said, the relief I have achieved didn’t happen overnight, but instead, by addressing one symptom at a time. Click here to read where I started and why.

After you listen to my experience with PEMF therapy with Oska Pulse, be sure to visit Oska Wellness and check it out for yourself. FYI, if you enter discount code DIVA at checkout, you will save $55.00!

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