Your Chronic Illness/Pain Journey is as Unique as Your Fingerprint!

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How often do you catch yourself comparing your symptoms and/or abilities to someone else who has the same chronic illness/pain?

Stop it!!!

Just like your fingerprint, no one is going to experience the exact same thing, even if they have all the same illnesses/pains.

How each body reacts to treatment, allergies, access to different types of treatments, nutritional intake, climate, support, mental health, and so many other factors can change how a body reacts to illness.

When is the last time that you felt inferior after hearing about another person’s ability?

Stop it!!!

You are NOT in competition with anyone!!

There are so many varying factors to consider that by comparing your ability to mine or to Karen’s, you set yourself up to be let down by what you can do.

Focus on your accomplishments!

Rejoice in what you can do on your good days and hang tight throughout the bad ones.

Having a low activity goal isn’t an inadequacy if it allows you to function more than if you pushed your body beyond its limits all the time.

Have you ever felt that no one will ever understand what you are going through?

You are correct!!!

Nobody will ever fully understand the pain you experience or the challenges you face, because the journey is different for each and every one of us!!

Sure people may have a general idea of what it is like to live with your illnesses, but they won’t know or feel everything you do.

Just like you will never, no matter how much you believe you could, be able to comprehend what someone else is going through.

We can sympathize and relate, but we will never really know.

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Before you go to bed this evening, I want you to think about your day. Not mine, not Karen or Ted’s day, but yours!

List your accomplishments.

For example: Walked to the mailbox, made a sandwich for lunch, went grocery shopping, not giving up, etc..

Live your life, not mine or anyone else’s.

Follow your body, not mine or any else’s.

And go to bed knowing that you did the best that you could!

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