Summer Sleep Tips

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Summer is here and for many that often equates to many sleepless nights due to chronic illness and pain.

Extreme temperatures and heatwaves are just two reasons that those of us with chronic illnesses struggle to sleep during the summer months. Summer storms, extra activities, stress, and anxiety also play a role.

Today I am going to share some tips to help you sleep this summer!

For background on my own past sleep issues and how I overcame them, view the live sleep discussion in my Facebook group: Making Pain My Bitch with The Disabled Diva.

Beat the heat

  • Turn on the air conditioner! Even if you don’t want the expense of running it all day, run it at night so you can sleep comfortably. Money saved by torturing yourself isn’t worth it.

  • Whether you run your air conditioner or not, run fans! If sleeping with the windows open, place your fan in front of it to draw in the cool night’s air.

  • Freeze your sheet!

  • Go with the flow. My days and nights get turned around with seasonal changes. If you are like me and have a flexible schedule, go with it!! I get more done and feel better when I follow my body’s lead and work the “nightshift”. Within a few days, my body will automatically begin shifting to a more desirable schedule.

Reduce pain

  • Address pain before it gets out of control!

  • If you live where recreational or medical use of cannabis is legal, give it a try. I never reached a level of restorative sleep until I tried cannabis.

  • If cannabis with THC isn’t your thing, try CBD.

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Chill out

  • Let go of the day’s stress and worries.

  • Release your stress and worries through journaling or talk to your pet!

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Clear your sleep space of distractions

  • Listen to relaxing music and count beats, instead of sheep!

  • If your pets sleep with you and are disturbing your sleep, have them sleep in a kennel or another room.


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