finding satisfaction in what can be done

Finding satisfaction in what can be done isn’t always easy when chronic pain from fibromyalgia and psoriatic arthritis decrease what you can do. But unless we want to be miserable for the rest of our lives, we need to learn how to find satisfaction in what we are able to do.

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Finding Satisfaction in What You Can Do!

Your challenge is to find satisfaction in what you are able to do.

You should be overjoyed when you exceed your daily goal.

You ought to be joyful about hitting your daily goal.

You need to be okay with falling short of your daily goal when your chronic illness decides to misbehave.


You have to be willing to accept that an extended flare, injury, or illness may require decreasing your daily goal.

Go to bed each night satisfied with what you were able to physically do. Even if it’s not what you used to be capable of! #chronicillness


The only way to be dissatisfied would be if you didn’t make an effort.  But, I know that won’t be you!  Why, because you are a warrior!

Chronic pain will change your life, there’s no way around it. How you react to the changes determines the quality of it. Living a life that caters to the needs of your chronic illness does not make you a weak person, it demonstrates adaptability, a skill that makes life with chronic pain so much easier.

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