Spring Clean: Clean up your personal care products

Clean up your personal care products

You may not even realize it, but the personal care products you love may be making you sicker than you really are or they may be triggering symptoms from your chronic illness.

Whether I have felt a difference in my pain level or not, I do not regret changing out many of my old personal care products with natural and organic products.


Because down the road, we don’t know how the chemicals that we mindlessly apply on our bodies will affect us.  I prefer to be safe rather than sorry.

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Replace Personal Care Products that are Filled with Chemicals

Here are a few of the items that have replaced chemical-filled products in my home.

These are just a handful of personal care products that I have replaced.  Be sure to join The Disabled Diva’s Product Picks to see more! 

As you may have noticed, natural and organic products often cost more than their chemical-filled counterparts, but as I have noticed, I need less and actually end up saving money.

The world is filled with harmful chemicals, the best we can do is to limit what we allow to go on and into our skin!

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