March Madness Fitness Challenge

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Are you ready for this month’s fitness challenge?

I am!!!

Before I dish out the March Madness Fitness Challenge rules, I want to invite anyone who hasn’t joined The Disabled Diva’s Fitness Buddies to do it now!! Click here to join!

Who can join? Anybody who wants accountability to meet their fitness goals.

Is it only for those who have a diagnosed chronic illness or pain?  No.  Although the group members are mostly chronically ill, that is not a requirement.  Why? Because this group is not about who can do what or who can do the most, it is about giving people a safe place to start slow and hopefully find a daily goal they can stick with.

This group does not judge your ability based on your chronic illness or disability. We support each other through good and bad times.

This group is not for competing against other members, seeing who can lose the most weight the fastest, or for pushing past what your body’s current limits are.

Oh, and did I mention there are prizes??!!!!???!!!

Ready to join us? Click here to join!


March Fitness Challenge Rules and Guidelines.

There are four weeks in this challenge. Each starts on a Monday and ends on Sunday.  Weekly drawings will take place within 5 days of that week’s challenge ending.

Challenge dates:

March 4-10

March 11-17

March 18-24

March 25-31

How to participate:

  1. Join The Disabled Diva’s Fitness Buddies
  2. Declare your daily goal on the challenge post located in the announcements. Daily goals can be designated by the number of activity minutes or the number of steps or miles walked or ran. Goals may include swimming, yoga, stretching, physical therapy, walking, running, steps per day, weight lifting, etc.
  3. Log your daily results: Each day at 8:00am PST a daily check-in post will be posted in the group.  It will be placed in the announcements to make it easier for you to find it.  Before bed or no later than 8:00am PST, comment with your day’s results.  This will earn you one entry into the drawing.  Earn a second entry for that week’s drawing by also posting a screenshot of your fitness app (Fitbit, Garmin, Apple Watch,etc.) or a picture of your fitness tracker or pedometer proving that you have reached your goal.  Everyone has the opportunity to earn one entry, those using a tracking device have a chance to earn two.  Each week, one winner will be drawn and will receive a $5 Amazon or Starbucks eGift card (winner chooses which one).

Need a fitness tracker?  Click here for a list of fitness devices and free apps!


Like with every month, I have added a twist to this one as well……. Doing the same workout in the same place, day after day, can get pretty darn boring… What do people do when they get bored with their workouts?  They quit!!!  I don’t want you to give up!!!  So this month the twist is to try something new!!!

Try a form of exercise that you haven’t done before or for awhile! Mix things up! If your body is like mine and will not allow for variation in what it can physically do, change the location or try it at a different time or pace…

Whenever you try something new or mix it up, be sure to comment with what you did differently in the daily check-in.  For every day that you share what you did differently, you will earn an entry into a special month-end drawing that will take place sometime within 5 days after the 31st. Earn a second entry if you post a picture of how you mixed it up!!  We will draw 2 winners from the twist entries.

What are you waiting for?

Click here to join the madness!!!

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