Fibro Farts

You may have heard of fibro fog, but what about fibro farts?

That’s right friends! We have yet another “F” word to contend with!

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So what’s the deal?

Many people who have fibromyalgia also suffer from excessive bloating and gas. 

Mine is also caused by adhesions that have wrapped themselves around my digestive system.

There are many reasons inside and outside of the digestive tract that can cause it to become inflamed or obstructed.

The body living with fibromyalgia is always inflamed, which makes it work overtime.  So sporting a Buddha-belly shouldn’t really be such a surprise.

How to avoid them

  • Drink water
  • Watch what you eat and avoid foods that are known to cause inflammation such as sugar, wheat, and artificial sweeteners.
  • Exercise


Let it blow!

Let’s get real, there are going to be times when we stray from our diets or just want to indulge a little. 

Also, as every fibro warrior out there knows, this wretched disease doesn’t need any help to make us miserable, it does a great job on its own. 

No matter how careful you are, you may still end up with a case of the fibro farts.  Here are a few ways to let them blow in style!

Fibromyalgia doesn’t need any help to make us miserable, it does a great job on its own..quote from Cynthia Covert The Disabled Diva

  • Embrace an expandable wardrobe: Choose clothing that looks and feels good whether your belly is flat or bloated.
  • Let them blow!  Don’t hold them in! Worried about someone hearing or smelling them? Step into a large group or find a quiet corner and let loose.
  • Invest in Flatulence Filtering Panties or disposable fart filters
  • Don’t worry, everyone passes gas, you won’t be the first or the last to let one rip!

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