One PEMF Device, Two Years, Tons of Pain Relief!

The Disabled Diva celebrating her 50th birthday with Donald Duck at Disneyland. And treating her knee pain with Oska Pulse.

I am not always thrilled to try new pain relief products.  I am skeptical and rightfully so as most really don’t help to the extent that someone who lives with excruciating chronic pain needs. 

My attitude was no different when I was asked to try the Oska Pulse pain relief device.

I figured the worst-case scenario would be that it didn’t work and I could warn my readers before they forked over several hundreds of dollars.

  Thankfully I decided to give it a chance because as you will see, it has changed my life.

I began using PEMF therapy with Oska Pulse in late November 2016.  I wasn’t diligent about running daily treatments, yet I still experienced enough pain relief to know that this device was something special.

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On March 24, 2017, I began using my drug-free pain relief device in the manner it should be, daily and often.  That is when I experienced what this device could truly do. 

I remember how giddy I felt after the first pain that my doctors said I would never live without, disappeared. 

Then the next and the next….. I was so excited and couldn’t wait to see what the future held.

To keep track of and to share my results, I began blogging about my experience.  Click here to read all of my PEMF therapy posts.  Short on time? No worries, I have the highlights covered below!



I have experienced chronic pain from fibromyalgia, psoriasis, psoriatic arthritis, endometriosis, degenerative disc disease, and coccydynia since the late nineties. 

My first diagnosis, psoriasis, was received in February of 2001.  The rest minus coccydynia were received between the fall of 2003 through the spring of 2004.  Coccydynia was added in early 2008 after falling and breaking my tailbone for the first time.  In 2011 my doctors said that my degenerative discs were bone on bone.

The pain was unbelievable and completely devastating.  I couldn’t walk, sit, or stand for more than five minutes.  I had to use a wheelchair for all outings and still had to limit how long I sat, even on a donut hole pillow.


There was some improvement after I stopped following my doctor’s pain relief protocol and swapped it for a natural and alternative approach.  By the time I tried PEMF therapy, I had been following this approach for several years and was able to walk through a grocery store once a week without too much pain.

I had no idea what to expect with PEMF therapy.  Because I had made peace with having to use a wheelchair, I would have been happy to use it a little less….. Who knew what to expect after two years of pemf therapy?!

The Disabled Diva wearing shorts without experiencing nerve pain while at Disneyland thanks to the nerve pain relief she received from her pemf therapy device, Oska Pulse.

Four months

Click here to watch my video explaining the improvements I experienced up to the four-month mark.

No time? Here are the highlights:

  1. Adhesions no longer holding my bowels hostage
  2. No longer needed days to recover from exercise
  3. A decrease in sacrum pain
  4. Decreased how often I needed pain relief medication during daytime hours
The Disabled Diva at Disneyland in front of the Disneyland Railroad Main Street station.

Six months

Click here to watch my video explaining the improvements I experienced up to the four-month mark.

  1. Full relief from sacrum pain
  2. The nerve pain from surgical error is no longer a daily pain
  3. Was able to walk 2 miles without needing days to recover
The Disabled Diva at Disneyland wearing her Oska Pulse and using a rollator.

One year

Click here to read my one year recap.

  1. Retired my wheelchair
  2. Only experiencing weather-related flares, but they are less often and less painful than in the past.
  3. Ability to walk farther increased
  4. Increased energy
The Disabled Diva proud that she no longer needed to use the tram to go from the parking garage to Disneyland's gate.

Two years of pemf therapy!

In the past year, I have had to use my wheelchair twice.  Once for a day at Disneyland after a car accident injury and the other time because of abdominal pain.  The abdominal pain was from having my internal organs once again under attack from adhesions.

As you may remember, they were one of the first things I experienced relief with when I began using my device full time in March of 2017.  I believe it was in my 6th months recap that I address how I tested the device by not using it on my belly for a couple of days, how the pain returned, but then went away after focusing treatment on it again.

Well, during the time that I was recovering from the car accident, I focused all treatment on my neck and shoulder. Months later after I healed from the accident, I fell while walking and once again treatment was not focused on my abdomen.  Then just as I was ready to refocus on my belly, I came down with bronchitis and needed my device to keep my chest from becoming too congested.  During that time, adhesions resumed their mayhem.


Eight months was too long to not have full-time treatment on my abdominal adhesions.  Because my HMO has made it clear that surgery is no longer an option for me, PEMF therapy is my only hope for continual relief and is why I am purchasing a second device, just for me.  This way I can run the full-time treatments that my belly requires while using the second device to go after problem areas as they cry out.  Some days it is my knees, sacrum, neck, or feet.  Some days, my belly is the only area that needs addressing, but it needs it every day.

Most days, when my abdominal pain is lower, I am able to walk all day at Disneyland using my rollator and not need time to recover.  Outside of the problems brought on by my abdominal adhesions, I only experience weather-related flares from my other chronic illnesses. 


Fibromyalgia, psoriatic arthritis, psoriasis, degenerative disc disease, and coccydynia no longer rule my life!!!!  I do!!

I can drive without pain! I can shop without pain! I have regained all the independence that I had not only lost but that my doctors said I would never have again!

Did it take time? YES!!

Was it worth it?  YES!!

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Because seriously, you have nothing to lose except pain!

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