The Disabled Diva’s Review of Earthley Elderberry Elixir

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In my quest to care for my health as naturally as possible, I decided to take the recommendation of a friend and try the herbal products from Earthley

Those of you who are members of my product pick and making pain our bitch pain groups on Facebook may have seen the post where I shared what I ordered. 

Want to know what I purchased? Click here to join my groups or wait for the next review to be published here.  Because it is flu season, I have decided to review the elderberry elixir first.

The Elderberry

You probably know elderberries as delicious, sweet little berries. To be honest, I had never heard of elderberries before and had no clue that they are a potent cold and flu fighter too!!!

Elderberries are loaded with tons of antioxidant properties. 

So not only will it help prevent me from catching colds and the flu, it will help me fight them off better if I do get one.

Why Earthley

One of the reasons I have chosen the elderberry elixir from Earthley is that most natural remedies that I have tried in the past took longer to reduce my symptoms than a prescription would have.  While I tried to muster through illnesses without a prescription, I really wanted something that could work as fast or faster.  And that is what this elixir does.  See the chart above to see the difference between using an elderberry elixir and the prescription medication Oseltamivir.

So far so good. But does what looks good on paper really translate into those results in real life? So far, in my limited use, I would have to say YES!!

In case you didn’t know, Earthley offers FREE shipping on all orders over $50!!! I placed my order on Monday night, it was processed on Tuesday, and delivered on Thursday!

Before I share my experience with this product, I want to explain what has been going on with me health-wise. I caught a nasty case of bronchitis back on Thanksgiving day.  I didn’t feel like myself again until New Year’s Day.  But even after that, I was still experiencing lots of drainage, way more than I typically do from seasonal allergies. I had also experienced a few sinus-related headaches and pain around my eyes.

Love at first dose

I took my first dose on Thursday evening. The next morning I knew something was happening.  The first thing I noticed is that my head felt empty, not like brainless empty (haha), but not filled with fluid. 

Seriously, I had no clue just how impacted my sinuses were until this moment.  With each dose, the pressure continues to decrease.  It really is an amazing feeling. 

To be honest, I have never felt this kind of relief from any sinus product in the past, so to have something that is able to reduce it without putting harmful chemicals into my body is a wondrous thing. 

It is Sunday evening as I write this review and the sensation that I feel is that of having all the mucus that was impacted around my eyes is being pulled to my nose. 

Yesterday the pressure was located at the top of my nose, whereas this evening it is near my nostrils.  With any luck, everything will come pouring out on Monday!! BTW I will update this post later in the week to share my results.

One thing I should mention is that I am also taking two other Earthley products with the elderberry elixir.  Because I felt like I was coming down with something, really had no idea how badly impacted my sinuses were, I combined Feel Better Fast and Immune-Biotic with my Elderberry Elixir.  Immune-Biotic is a short term use.  I will have to stop the use of that in a few more days.  However, I may be able to stop sooner if my sinuses clear out like I predict.

I am looking forward to using this product daily, even when I am not fighting a cold. A close friend and her family use this product and so far they have yet to catch any of the bugs or viruses that are knocking everyone else down.


Here are a few more reasons that I have chosen and suggest that you consider choosing the elderberry elixir from Earthley:

In addition to elderberries, they add in mullein (another potent respiratory remedy), clove and ginger (anti-inflammatory herbs), and astragalus (one of the best immune boosters). It is perfect for colds, coughs, sore throats, and more, in shelf-stable elderberry drops tincture. Just add elderberry drops to water, juice, smoothie, or your preferred drink every day!
Whether you order the adult or children’s version you can be assured that neither contains:

  • sugars
  • colors
  • flavors
  • preservatives
  • artificial anything

One of my concerns was the taste.  While I will force myself to take something no matter how wretched it tastes or smells, my daughter won’t!!!  I have been adding it to a splash of juice and can’t even tell that I have added anything.  Thankfully, my daughter has had the same experience!!!

What are you waiting for? Click here to visit Earthley yourself and learn even more about this fantastic product.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA, and this product is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure anything.

*UPDATE 2/2/2019: My sinuses are clearer than they have ever been and I feel great.  I am now only taking the elderberry elixir daily and Feel Better Fast when I feel like I have extra mucus.


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