Resolutions without plans are just words

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Do you make New Years resolutions? How many of them do you keep?

If the number of resolutions you follow through with is zero or very few, the problem may not be with the resolutions you are making, but instead with how you expect them to happen.

Do any of these resolutions sound familiar?

  1. I am going to lose weight
  2. I am going to exercise
  3. I am going to make more money

While there is nothing particularly wrong with any of these statements, it is the lack of planning that dooms them to failure. 

Not one of those goals will happen without a plan. 

No one is going to lose the weight for you. 

Nobody can make you exercise. 

You control what goes in your mouth. 

Unless you’re hoping that someone leaves you in their will or is just going to hand you more money, you will need to figure out a way to make more money.

Don’t dream about a better year, create it!

Make an action plan to start making those dreams come true. 

Find a diet plan that you can stick with.  Make exercise a part of your daily life, not just something you do when you want to lose a few pounds. 

A plan and hard work will make you more money, not hoping or wishing.

No matter what your resolutions are for 2019, do NOT make them until you have created a plan.  With that said, that plan doesn’t have to be perfect, it will take time to figure out what really works best for you, but have a plan to start with. 

Hoping, praying, or wishing for a better outcome will only lead to disappointment. 

The only way your resolutions have a chance to come true is if you are willing to change.  Bad or destructive behavior isn’t wished away or magically changed just because you want it to be.

Life Habits

I prefer NOT making resolutions, but to instead make new life habits. 

Last year I vowed to make exercise a part of my daily life and it is.  Not because I wished, hoped, or prayed for it to happen, but because I made an effort to move my body every day. 

I was also realistic and didn’t expect my body to be able to walk for miles until it was able to conquer minutes… 

This year I resolve to love myself.  Not just when my body cooperates and I am losing weight, but when I am injured or flaring from fibromyalgia or psoriatic arthritis too. 

I plan to do this by making the healthier food choices I make when I am feeling my best also when I am feeling my worst.

What is your New Year resolution and what is your plan to make it happen?


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