What are you waiting for?


Before my dreams of living the life I wanted could come true, I had to stop waiting.  What was I waiting on?  You name it and I was waiting on it!  Read on to see if you are still waiting on what I was……

A cure

My life was on hold, because I didn’t think it was possible to live the life I wanted with my chronic illnesses.  So I waited and waited.  I would make “plans” for the future, my future without pain. As you can guess, a cure, let alone pinpointing the cause of many of my chronic illnesses has yet to be found.

My doctors

I waited for my doctors to prescribe the perfect cocktail of pills to make my world better. Wasn’t it their job to heal me? To fix me? To make me feel better? To make my life livable? While it is partly their job, nothing they do will be effective if I didn’t take responsibility over my health. I had to eat right, exercise, pace myself, listen to my body, and find natural and alternative treatments to reduce inflammation and pain.

My family/friends

After giving up on a cure and my doctors, I put all the responsibility to make my life better on my family and friends. But I never told them!! I unrealistically expected them to fill the voids in my life and to make everything better.

*Disclosure: I am not a medical professional and am not issuing medical advice. This post includes affiliate links. Meaning that at no additional cost to you, I receive a commission when you make a purchase through my links. The proceeds earned fund the giveaways I host in The Disabled Diva’s Fitness Buddies and Disneyability Group on Facebook.

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I was the only person who could make my life better.  I had to address my mental and physical health.  When plans A, B, and C failed, it was up to me to look outside the box and try something different.  Only I could bring joy into my life.  I had to stop waiting to love myself and start loving who I was right then and there no matter how sick I was.  I couldn’t expect friends and family to adjust their lives for me, I had to adjust my life for me.  Does any of this sound familiar?  It’s okay if you aren’t ready to admit it, heck it took me 13 years to admit it!!  When you are ready, be sure to download my eBook Make Pain Your Bitch for only $5.00.  That’s less than a venti caramel macchiato from Starbucks! Isn’t living a better life despite your chronic illness worth $5.00?  Click here to order your copy today. 

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