Make Pain Your Bitch: How to Dominate Your Chronic Life

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Has your chronic illness stolen the life you had?  Mine did!

Does having to spend days, weeks, or months recovering from an outing make you feel like a prisoner in your own home/body?  Mine did!

Does your pain management plan address your pain and symptoms, mask your pain, or do nothing at all?  In 2012 I ditched my plan that masked or did nothing for one that addresses my pain sources.

What are you waiting for?  From 2001 to 2012 I waited for my doctors to heal me, to relieve my pain, to help me get back some part, any part of my life back…. But it never happened.  Tired of waiting and desperate for pain relief I took ownership over my health.  I found natural and alternative treatments that not only reduced my pain levels, but actually addressed and improved my symptoms. I am not suggesting that you shouldn’t work with your doctors, but their are things you can do that will help whether you choose to treat your pain pharmaceutically or not.

In my eBook Make Pain Your Bitch: How to Dominate Your Chronic Life  I share the natural and alternative treatments that led to my feeling better than I did before my diagnoses.  I also share the areas of my life that I needed to take ownership over.  Many changes had to be made in  regards to my diet, lifestyle, and mindset.

I haven’t been healed. Fibromyalgia, psoriatic arthritis, psoriasis, and endometriosis are NOT curable.  However, my pain management plan has decreased my daily pain, how often I flare, and the severity of my flares.  I have gone from leaving the house once or twice a month in a wheelchair and having to ride lying down in the back seat, because of pain that was so intense I couldn’t sit, stand, or walk for more than 5 minutes without wanting to pass out from it to living the life I live now.  What is that life?  I no longer need a wheelchair! I still use a walker for all day outings, but how often I need to use it continues to decrease.  I can drive myself anywhere I want!! I am no longer a prisoner of pain!!

My book won’t cure you!  Heck my pain management plan may not be the right one for you, but if you follow the steps that I took to make changes to my treatments, pain management plan, and life you may figure out what changes you need to make.  Throughout the book I prompt you to examine your treatment plan, pain relief plan, and life.  Then I challenge you to make changes.

Chronic illnesses are not death sentences.  There is hope and it is possible to live a fulfilling and pleasurable life with less pain.  I began winning my battle with chronic pain six years ago and continue to improve.

Are you ready to make chronic pain your bitch?

Click here to download your copy today for only $3.00

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  1. […] Don’t know where to start?  Check out my eBook Make Pain Your Bitch: How to Dominate Your Chronic Life.  In it I share many of the changes I made in my chronic life and challenge you to acknowledge and make changes that will better your life.  Click here to order and download your copy today! […]


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