Fundraiser to help a fellow chronic pain warrior who lost everything in a house fire











Last night I returned home from seeing Star Wars The Last Jedi with my family.  My house was still standing and everything I owned remained inside.  While scrolling through my Facebook feed that night I learned that one of my chronic illness warrior pals wasn’t so lucky.  Mary Hostetler left her house on Friday and returned home to nothing.  Thank God her family and their pets are alive and safe, but they have lost everything else.  I have known Mary for several years and although we have yet to meet in person, she is very dear to me.  She and her husband are artists, parents, grandparents, and some of the hardest working people I have met.

I can’t even begin to imagine how hard this is for her family, but also for her.  Like me she has multiple chronic illnesses and has lost everything that she battles pain with in that fire.  Not just medication, but natural treatments and items like heating pads, TENS units, and mobility aids.  Can you imagine having to replace everything you combat your chronic pain all at once??!!!

I am offering my eBook at a special price with the proceeds going to Mary and her family. Make Pain Your Bitch; How to Dominate Your Life is only $5 when purchased through this link.  There is also a GoFundMe account for the Hostetler family or you can donate directly through PayPal to  if you would like to donate more.











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One thought on “Fundraiser to help a fellow chronic pain warrior who lost everything in a house fire

  1. giftbearer December 19, 2017 at 11:00 pm Reply

    That’s really nice of you. I really hope she’s able to get things put back in order soon. It sounds like a nightmare!

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