PEMF Therapy is Freaking Fantastic and a Few Other “F” Words!

PEMF therapy with Oska Pulse from Oska Wellness is FREAKING FANTASTIC!  There are also a few other “F” words I use when describing the pain relief and improvements from this beautiful blue device.


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Foot Loose and Fancy Free

I have suffered from excruciating pain in my feet since 1999 because of psoriatic arthritis and fibromyalgia.  Before I began treating my conditions with PEMF therapy the only shoes that didn’t increase my pain were a few pairs of flip flops, Crocs, and loose slippers.  So much for looking elegant, especially in the winter!!

Approximately two and a half months after I began using my Oska Pulse daily for 6-8 hours the pain in my feet disappeared!!! It is amazing to be able to wear fashionable shoes again!! But the most remarkable thing is pain relief.  Prior to using the Oska Pulse, I felt like the bones in my feet was crumbling with every step.  My feet ached and throbbed all the time. 

There were times when I felt like I was scraping my bones across the pavement.  Tears fill my eyes whenever I think about the pain.  And tears of joy trickle down my cheek as I walk across the grocery store without any pain.  PEMF therapy with Oska Pulse has made me footloose and fancy-free.  I am walking more and farther than I had been capable of in the past 7 years!



PEMF therapy with Oska Pulse has brought focus to my life.  Less pain equates to less time having to think about my body, pain, and the repercussions of doing what I want.  PEMF therapy also promotes better sleep!

The combo of less pain and achieving a restorative sleep level every night frees my mind to concentrate on important things.  I am able to concentrate on work, family, friends, my home, and saving my leg from a dangerous dinosaur.



PEMF therapy with Oska Pulse means more time and energy to spend with family.  It’s getting together for a day at the beach and not having to cut it short because of a pain spike.  It’s going to Disneyland and not needing a nap.  It’s being able to focus on what my family and I are talking about and not having pain scream over their voices.



PEMF therapy with Oska Pulse is freedom!! Pain-free feet make it possible to drive and not have to rely on others to get me around.  The ability to focus makes it possible for me to concentrate on the cars around me instead of rushing to get home because of a ridiculously high pain level.  It’s freedom from always having to use my wheelchair or walker.  It has provided the freedom to do the things that I had been waiting to do.



PEMF therapy with Oska Pulse is feeling.  Feeling what it is like to live with less pain and in some cases no pain.  I am not 100%, but I have experienced various levels of relief in some areas and complete elimination of pain in others.  The longer I continue treating my chronic illnesses with Oska Pulse, the greater my improvements become. 

Imagine no longer feeling pain in your back from arthritis or degenerative disc disease?  I have suffered from intense pain in my spine every day since 2011.  My spine felt like it was going to snap in half after standing for just a few short minutes.  I could feel bones scraping against each other. Abdominal adhesions were strangling and pulling my bowels and bladder. That pain is gone as well as the GI and urinary symptoms that accompanied it.  Nothing my doctors prescribed ever helped. 

I was told I was as good as I would ever be. But they were wrong! In less than 3 months Oska Pulse addressed each of those areas and eliminated or reduced my pain levels!  This is after 6 years of pain in my back and 14 years of pain in my abdomen.  Oska Pulse is about feeling physically better than I have ever felt since my chronic life began.  It’s about feeling well enough to not always have to use the handicap entrances to the rides at Disneyland.  It is about feeling alive and hopeful for a fabulous future.

Friend to friend

What are you waiting for? I may be an affiliate with Oska Pulse, but that isn’t why I am always sharing information about their product.  I share my experience because it works.  I share because I too believed my doctors when they said nothing could be done.  I share because I want others to experience the relief I have.  I want all of my friends to be footloose and fancy-free, to be focused on their passions, to spend time with family, to enjoy the freedom of being independent again, and last but not least to experience for themselves how good pain relief without surgery or prescription drugs can feel.

I would buy everyone I know one of these gorgeous glowing blue beauties if I could, but I can’t.  However, I can save you $55 when you use my promo code. Request my secret discount code here! 

It is also eligible to be deducted from your FHA and HSA accounts.  Oska Wellness offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.  In addition, each device comes with a one-year warranty which can be upgraded to a two-year warranty for free when you register your device on their website. 


It has been a year since I wrote this post and PEMF therapy with Oska Pulse still continues to improve my health, pain level, and life!!! I have completely retired my wheelchair and only use my rollator when I will be spending my day on my feet.

Published by Cynthia Covert

Diagnosed in 2001 with psoriasis, followed by fibromyalgia, psoriatic arthritis, endometriosis, and later a botched hysterectomy turned her world upside down. Cynthia shares her experience, advice, and tips for how to make life with chronic pain easier and less painful.

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