Need a Mental Health Break? When You Know It’s Time for a Vacation

Need a Mental Health Break? When You Know It’s Time for a Vacation

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If you’ve felt overworked, anxious, or exhausted lately, you’re not alone. Record numbers of Americans report feeling fatigued and stressed out. Taking care of our responsibilities at home while also caring for our own health is becoming trickier than ever.

One possible solution might be more accessible than you think. If you’ve felt overworked, overstressed, or even just anxious lately, it might be time for a vacation. Travel brings many mental health benefits that actually help us get centered, live in the moment, and become rejuvenated by the time we return home.

If you’re having trouble convincing yourself that it’s time for your next vacation, here are some reasons why some time away is actually good for your mental health.

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1. Stress Relief

Travel can be an incredible way to let go of your daily stresses so you can simply learn to enjoy life again. It allows you to reconnect with nature, yourself, and even your loved ones. While soaring above the clouds or standing beside the ocean, our problems seem miniscule in proportion to the vastness of the world we live in.

2. Boosting Your Positive Traits

Travel may actually change your personality for the better. When we meet new people and visit new places, we open ourselves up to new experiences. In addition to boosting creativity, travel (especially to a foreign country) makes us more adaptable, open to change, emotionally stable, and less reactive.

3. Emotional Benefits

Travel improves emotional health, starting even before you leave and lasting after you return from vacation. One study found that people are happiest during the vacation planning process. Travel also boosts positive thinking with regards to our health, quality of life in all areas, and even current economic situation. In addition to increased happiness and reduced stress, travel relieves anxiety by allowing the mind to reset and providing physical and mental distance from stressors.

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There you have it: travel really is good for you! To make the most of your time off, try engaging in activities that are known for reducing stress. This might include attending a yoga class, relaxing in a pool or hot tub, or splurging on a professional massage with aromatherapy.

To allow yourself to really relax and have a worry-free vacation, it’s also important to ensure your beloved pets are taken care of while you’re gone. Some pet owners prefer to bring their pets on vacation with them. If that isn’t an option for you, hiring a pet sitter might be your best bet. Consider having a family member or friend watch your dog or check on your cat, or hire a professional dog walker or pet sitter.

What are you waiting for? Taking a vacation will help your mental and emotional health. It might just be what you need to return to a centered, calm state of being. Your upcoming vacation will help prepare you for your next important project when you come home. Besides, you’ll be taking the steps toward building character traits that will ultimately make you a better person. Bon voyage!

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