BioCBD Plus Capsule Review

Disclosure: I amΒ an affiliate for BioCBD+. However, all statements, opinions, and experiences are mine and mine alone and were in no way influenced by the company. I am not a medical professionalΒ andΒ nothing I state should be confused or mistaken for medical advice.

Product: BioCBD+β„’ Total Body Care Capsules
Dosage: Each capsule contains 10mg of CBD
Ingredients: BioCBD, Curcumin, Magnesium, Starch, Cellulose
Availability: Available online, click here to visit their website.Β  You doΒ NOT haveΒ to have a medical marijuana recommendation to purchase this product.
Taste: No taste
Effects: Muscle relaxation and pain relief
Consistency: I experienced the same results with every dose.

bio pill
BioCBD+ products are out of this world!

My Recommendation: This is an amazing CBD capsule.Β  Due to its water-soluble formulation, each 10mg capsule is the equivalent of 50mgs!Β  Because of its strength, I was not able to use this product during the day.Β  Instead, I found it to be the perfect way to prepare for bed.

Within an hour or two of taking one 10mg capsule my muscles would completelyΒ relax, my mind would clear, and my pain level decreased.Β  This made it easier to fall asleep andΒ helped me sleep deeper and longer,Β withoutΒ feeling hungover the next morning.Β I was also able to decrease how much THC I take for pain.Β Because these capsules are so powerful, I find that I don’t need that high of a dosage every night.Β When used for multiple nights I would find myself feeling sluggish during the day. SinceΒ I experience a level ofΒ relief in my joints and muscles fromΒ this product for a day or two afterward,Β Β I prefer to use this product two or three times a week and substitute a lower dosage of another brand in between.


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Everyone has a different experience.Β  I shared this bottle with two other friends.Β  One was like me and only used it at night.Β  The other who has severe anxiety felt completely balanced and alert when she used it during the day.

Visit BioCBD+ today to learn more about this product, their topical oil, and vape cartridges! Click here to read my review of their topical CBD oil.

Chronic pain from psoriasis, fibromyalgia, psoriatic arthritis, endometriosis, adhesions, coccydynia, and costochondritis has plagued me for 20 years. Failed by pharmaceutical medications, I began addressing it with natural and alternative remedies. That's when my life returned.

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