Could PEMF therapy have prevented the long term damage I sustained from endometriosis?


As I lie in bed wiping tears from my eyes, I wonder if I would be stuck on doctor’s ordered bed rest right now if I would have had access to PEMF therapy when endometriosis first presented itself 14 years ago. Would my muscles have been as weak as they are now?  Could I have had fewer surgeries? Would the muscles around my ribcage have ripped so easily?

A little background

For 14 years I have endured some of the most horrific pain imaginable throughout my abdomen because of endometriosis. This pain was brought on by ovarian cysts, adhesions, a botched hysterectomy, and the permanent nerve damage I received from 1 of the 3 surgeries needed to fix the errors made during my hysterectomy. Adhesions pulled and twisted my internal organs. At times they would pull them all the way to my abdominal wall where my internal organs would also attach themselves.

If the constant pulling and tugging weren’t bad enough, both the adhesions and organs that had adhered to the wall would rip from it. The pain was never-ending. All my doctors ever did for me in regards to endometriosis was to grant me temporary relief, with the exception of the past two years when they completely gave up trying to help me. From the start, their only solution was to perform surgery that was until last year when 5 surgeons told me that while they acknowledged that surgery was my only option to release my bowels from the strangling hold that the adhesions had on them, they refused to perform it as. They each said, “You have had too many abdominal surgeries and I refuse to be the one to perform the next.”

Instead, in November of 2016, I was offered end of life type pain management. They were willing to allow the adhesions to continue strangling my bowels which would have without a doubt led to my death.

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On March 24th of 2017, I began treating my abdomen with PEMF therapy from Oska Pulse. You can read about my entire experience up until now by clicking here. I began to experience relief immediately. In what felt like a blip in time I found myself for the first time in 14 years no longer suffering from any amount of pain throughout my abdomen. With my bladder no longer being pulled and twisted I was able to say goodbye to my adult diapers because I was no longer wetting myself.

With my bowels no longer under attack, I stopped soiling myself. With the exception of fibromyalgia, psoriasis, and psoriatic arthritis weather-related flares I was feeling better than I had in 17 years. As each week passed I continued to test my limits to see how much more I could do. I fell in love with exercising and being active. I even resumed household chores that I hadn’t been able to do in 10 years. I was loving life.

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The fallout

On August 2nd my abdominal muscle ripped. While painful it was nothing compared to the pain I have been experiencing since the second major tear that took place on September 17th. My doctor and I both believe that the injuries have occurred because my abdominal wall has sustained so much damage over the years from endometriosis, the ripping of the adhesions and organs from my sidewall, and multiple surgeries.

My left side is what has been damaged the most and where my internal organs typically adhered to. I am currently on bed rest and have not experienced any improvements in the past few weeks. Oska Pulse has helped by reducing the intensity of muscle swelling, which has kept my ribcage from feeling like it is being crushed.

What could have been

I believe I wouldn’t be stuck in bed right now had I had access to PEMF therapy 14 years ago because it eliminated my debilitating pain from abdominal adhesions. Between my experience and the results from third party studies (links are provided at the bottom of this article) in regards to PEMF therapy and endometriosis, I believe I could have had fewer surgeries, avoided the damage sustained from having adhesions and organs pulling and ripping from my abdominal wall, and saved the tens of thousands of dollars that were spent on the short spells of relief that surgery provided. Instead of having to beg and plead for doctors to help me I could have been laughing and whooping it up with my friends and family. I could have been enjoying life instead of sobbing in bed or at the emergency room.

Worth a shot

I am sharing my experience in the hope to prevent other women from having to experience this level of hell and to avoid sustaining life lasting damage. My last surgery took place in December of 2008 and at that time my surgeon recorded in his findings the damage that my abdominal wall had already sustained. There were indentations and deep scarring in the muscles where my fallopian tube had embedded itself and ripped away from throughout a 4 year period. Since then my stomach, bladder, and intestines have all at one time or another adhered to and ripped from my abdominal wall. Anyways, as I was saying if you or someone you know suffers from abdominal pain caused by endometriosis or scar tissue do yourself a favor and look into PEMF therapy. Whether you choose to purchase Oska Pulse or go with another company doesn’t matter; this type of therapy may prevent you from the damage that I am living with.


Don’t give up

As you research PEMF therapy you will notice that while Oska Pulse is the most affordable and portable units available, it is still pricey. I can help you out a little bit by offering you a $55 discount when you use promo code CYNTHIA55 at check out. You can also make no-interest payments by paying with PayPal’s 90 days same as cash payment plan. Understandably, that may still not fit your budget, and if that is the case I have a couple of suggestions. Explain to family and friends how PEMF therapy maybe your best option. Then ask them to donate towards the expense in lieu of a birthday/Christmas/Chanukah/holiday gift. Another option is to host a fundraiser at your church or local community group. Don’t give up on the hope of experiencing real relief just because you don’t have the funds. In the end the money you put out today to battle the pain and destruction from endometriosis and abdominal adhesions is just a drop in the bucket compared to what you will spend on surgeries and pain medication.

To learn more visit, my friends, at Oska Wellness, and don’t forget to use promo code DIVA to save $55 if you decide to give it a try. I invite you to read my entire PEMF experience by clicking here and this third party report on pelvic pain. Last but not least join my Facebook group The Disabled Diva’s Alternative Chronic Pain Fighting Forum. In this group, we discuss natural and alternative treatments for our chronic illnesses, like PEMF therapy, medical marijuana, CBD, diet, exercise, essential oils, massage, acupuncture, and more. BTW PEMF therapy has been shown to help with many different health conditions, click here to learn more.

What are you waiting for? You have nothing to lose except pain!

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Diagnosed in 2001 with psoriasis, followed by fibromyalgia, psoriatic arthritis, endometriosis, and later a botched hysterectomy turned her world upside down. Cynthia shares her experience, advice, and tips for how to make life with chronic pain easier and less painful.

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