Finding a Chronically Comfortable Halloween Costume

Finding a Chronically Comfortable Halloween Costume

abby october 2.jpg

Now I love fall, I love all the shades of orange and yellow, I love that I can still wear a tank top but only need a light jacket, I love that I can wear weird skull clothes and not get any weird looks. I just love fall, especially Halloween. But I also kind of hate Halloween. Now you must be thinking β€œBut Abi! You just said you loved it!” and you’re right. I love the concept of dressing up and getting candy, I love watching good horror movies (even though I’m a scaredy cat.), I love just sitting in my room eating candy and watching The Nightmare Before Christmas for the 900th time. But, what I don’t like, is how uncomfortable so many costumes are and how much they make me nervous.

walmart halloween.jpg

I’ve had many Halloween’s where I was always somewhat uncomfortable in my costume. And it was never for the same reasons. Some just felt generally uncomfortable, some were itchy, some were too tight, some just made me uncomfortable because it showed to much skin. Whether it was physical or mental, I’ve always been uncomfortable in my costumes. But not this year, this year I plan to have the most simple, adorable and comfy costume of my life. And that costume is literally just a onesie.
5sun costume t
Now some of you might be thinking β€œBut that’s not really a costume.” To that I must say, I do not care. A onesie is everything I wanted out of all my Halloween costumes. It’s comfortable, it’s cute, it doesn’t make me feel itchy and I don’t feel like I’m showing to much because it’s literally just a onesie, no one’s going to see anything unnecessary. Although, there are probably some weirdos who have one that does but let’s just imagine thatΒ it doesn’t exist.

Abi’s owl onesie was purchased from Wal-Mart. Click here to see more!

So finally, I will have a Halloween where I can eat candy and watch Black Mirror in comfort.
What costumes have made you uncomfortable in the past and what did you do to change it?

Hi, I’m Abigail but most people just call me Abi. I’m 15 and live in California. I love video games, some of my favorites series are Mass Effect, Animal Crossing, Shovel Knight, Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney, The Legend of Zelda, and Metroid. I also really love music, my favorite bands are Twenty One Pilots and The Protomen. I also like cats and adorable pictures of sloths. I also have an addiction to hot chocolate and sweaters. I also play guitar! Which is kind of hard sometimes when you have chronic pain

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