Why the Nintendo Switch is a perfect console for chronic gamers

Why the Nintendo Switch is a perfect console for chronic gamers

Guest Post Written By Abigail Covert

The Nintendo Switch was released about 7 months ago and even though I love Nintendo, I haven’t gotten one yet. That’s mostly because of how horrible the restocks are, but that’s another conversation for another time. But, one of the reasons I want one is how perfect it is for me and my chronic pain. A while back I played it at my friend’s house and it made me realized how perfect it was for me. And now I’ll give you my reasons why I think the Nintendo Switch is perfect for chronic gamers.

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Do you ever get uncomfortable while sitting in your chair playing video games on your computer? Does sitting in front of the TV and holding the controller start bothering you? Those are some of my biggest problems when it comes to gaming. I’m never fully comfortable. Another problem is when I am having a pain bad day and sitting in my chair isn’t comfortable, so I like to lay in bed and play games. Sadly, using my laptop is complicated when lying in bed. I usually place my laptop on me, then grab a few notebooks for my mouse. Now that doesn’t sound so bad until you have to get up to use the bathroom. Then you realize you’ve trapped yourself under your laptop. Lately, when I’m having those bad days though, I’ve been using my 3DS. But sadly again, I still have a problem with that. I luckily don’t get trapped under my 3DS, but my shoulders and hands get uncomfortable and trying to hold it while lying on my side isn’t very easy. Now, here’s where the Switch comes in. When having a bad day and I need to just lie in bed, I could easily take the Switch out of its dock, take the controllers off the tablet and just make a little stand for the tablet. The best part, my hands, and shoulders wouldn’t hurt like they would with the 3DS. Why? Because, as I already stated, you can take each controller off the tablet and have them completely disconnected from each other. So I could have each arm resting my each of my sides and not put a strain on my shoulders or hands.

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Another great thing is just how darn comfortable those controllers are. When I first saw pictures of them, I thought they would feel horrible and weird since they’re pretty much flat, but after using them I realized just how comfortable they are. I usually prefer controllers for most games, unless it’s a first-person shooter. But you know that part of the controller that’s kind of round so you can hold them? Turns out that strains my hands more, so flat is actually better for me. And as I already stated, the controllers aren’t connected, so it makes it easier to be able to have a more relaxing and comfortable experience.
Another thing that’s nice is that I wouldn’t have to always use the monitor for the Switch. The Switch has a dock that connects to a TV or monitor with an HDMI cable. So, you can play the games on a bigger screen, but as I said earlier you can just easily take it out and lay on the bed with it. Heck, you can even take it to the store with you, just don’t lose it in the produce aisle.

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Now, you’re probably sick of how many times I’ve said comfortable in this post, but honestly, it’s the most comfortable console I have used in a long time. I’m hoping to get one for Christmas so I can really test out just how comfortable it is, and I want to test out on car trips. Anyways, I hope some of you will be convinced to get this wonderful little console and enjoy how cozy it is…. See I can use another word other than comfortable.

Anyways, what makes you uncomfortable while gaming and how have you worked around it?

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