Prepping For My First Tattoo

Prepping For My First Tattoo

Guest Post Written By Abigail Covert

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I plan to get my first two tattoos early next year. I’ve wanted to do this for a very long time. I’ve known a lot of people with them and I’ve always loved how they’ve looked. But beyond how awesome they look, I’ve always loved people’s stories about them.

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The first one I want is a small red heart and under it I want it to say “You are filled with determination.” It’s from one of my favorite games, Undertale. It’s a nice but sweet reminder to always get up and do what you love. The second one I want to put on the back of my neck and I have it say “We Have Control”.  Anyone familiar with The Protomen will know that’s from the chant in The Will of One. It’s quite weird for me since the chant is pretty much the crowd cheering on Mega Man while he’s off trying to take down Wily. I have 2 meanings for this tattoo; 1. it’s a badass reference to The Protomen. 2. it’s a reminder that we have control of our lives and that only we can decide what’s best for us.

I currently have a few places in mind, but one big thing I did want to look up before I searched artists was whether or not red dye is used in the ink. I don’t believe I’ve mentioned it before, but I’m horribly allergic to red dye. Luckily I found out that the ink is different from the dye they use in food and soap, it’s actually metal. I have a question for anyone with tattoos and chronic illness, what was your experience with the pain? I don’t know if there will be a big difference or not with having chronic pain, but I’m pretty bad with pain. So I’d like to know if any weird pain I’m experiencing is either chronic or me being wimpy. Also, do you have any recommendations for tattoo healing? Is there any soap and/or balm that make a difference? I’d love to know.

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2 thoughts on “Prepping For My First Tattoo

  1. Greetings Diva!

    just found you through Peace. Love. Spoons. the resource daily e-paper put out by Sleepy Girl and Miss Diagnoses.

    and would like to share with you that there are SOME tattoo substances which are non-toxic. HOWEVER. MOST tattoo substances are toxic and can cause even more illness than you may already have.

    PLEASE find yourself someone who will use the NON toxic tattoo substances .

    AND ENJOY YOUR tattoos next year!

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