Packing for Comfort

Packing for Comfort

By Elysha

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I’m packing/preparing for a week trip to VA. I’m so excited for some sightseeing and even more excited to see one of my best friends! I travel a lot but I hate flying. Especially now with chronic pain I really don’t enjoy it. Sitting too long isn’t fun. I’m trying to find something comfortable and easy to wear/ travel in. I know packing shoes won’t be hard. I’m taking my good walking shoes with the gel inside. Comfortable and supportive sounds pretty good to me! I’m also packing to keep cool. I live in the desert and love the dry heat. Humidity isn’t my friend.


When I’m in the humidity everything starts hurting and my knees and hands get swollen. I know for me I love dresses. They are cool and comfortable! I don’t like pants when it’s sticky and I’m swollen. Not a fun feeling. So dresses are perfect. I’m also packing some of my cute kimonos. Ladies, don’t you just love kimonos? They’re light, cool and can make a plain outfit super cute without being too warm or annoying. I have my swim suit packed as well! Hopefully our hotel has a nice Jacuzzi for my sore body. If not, at least I have the beach to look forward to.

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Today I’ve just been taking it easy. Went to work to get some things done but didn’t over do it. Then I came to rest a little before I did some more work and started packing. I know it will be a lot on my body this week between flying, driving, walking, different weather and just be doing more. Hopefully I chose well while packing and will be comfortable while traveling. No matter how well I packed or not it will be totally worth it! Thankful I’m well enough to travel and spend time doing things I love.

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