My chronic life: filled with pain and never ending questions

My chronic life: filled with pain and never ending questions

Guest Post Written By Elysha Ludwig


Oh my. What a week!! I had the endoscopy last week, it went ok, redness, irritation, and now just waiting on the biopsy results. Just doing more test and blood work.

I’ve felt completely awful this week. I think part of it is being so busy, not resting and stress. I did enjoy seeing the other Divas over the weekend!! It’s always a blast seeing Cynthia and Abigail. There’s just so much going on. Today was one of those days where I tried all the tricks to feel just a little bit comfortable. Of course it’s not just my normal pain. My side hurts more than usual, tightness, swelling, bone pain and just extra achy.


I tried teas, heating pads, drinking extra water,  tumeric shots, essential oils, streching, took two showers (one just because it felt good) and sitting as much as possible. I just want a little bit of relief!!

I’ve been extra emotional too!! Everything is so draining and I want to being doing more but physically can’t. It’s not the greatest thing but lately I’ve been thinking of what life would be like if I never got sick. Where would I be? What would I be doing? It gets me down but I have to stay positive! Remember all of the good things.

I really miss doing certain things. I’m super thankful I’m able to a lot just not as much as I could before. Now there’s a lot more planning! Stuff I didn’t have to worry about before.


Things I have to ask myself  “Is that food going to upset my stomach?” “Is there a bathroom around?” “Do I want to dress for cuteness or comfort?” “Am I going to regret this later?” So many things to consider before doing something or traveling somewhere. There are things I will give in to just to have fun or feel normal. Do you have those days you give in no matter how you will feel?

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