Five Reasons My Latest Road Trip Exceeded My Expectations

Five Reasons My Latest Road Trip Exceeded My Expectations

By Cynthia

One of the highlights from my road trip was hanging out with The Disabled DIVAS!

A few days ago I returned home from the best road trip ever!  I got to spend time with friends and family, see many historic and silly sites, and so much more! I feel so blessed and lucky to have had such a fantastic experience.  But it wasn’t luck that made this trip memorable, there were five things I did that made it possible.

1. I didn’t over commit or push myself too hard prior to leaving home.  I did laundry and most of my packing a week before our departure.  Instead of running around like a chicken with my head cut off I spent the days prior to leaving relaxed and able to focus on more important details.


2. I packed everything I could possibly need to combat and comfort pain from my worst flares.  I armed myself with extra pain medication, heating wraps, ice packs, CBD lotions, my wheelchair, and more.  Thankfully I only had one really bad day in which I was forced to remain in bed.  While I didn’t need everything I had packed it was nice to have what I needed when I needed it.

3. I set realistic expectations.  I limited how many activities I agreed to participate in on a daily basis.  Because of this I was able to do all but one thing that I had planned.  While I can now walk for up to an hour a day a few times a week without increasing my pain level, I know that I can’t do it every day or multiple times throughout a day.


4. I listened to my body.  There was one day when we experienced several rain storms which increased my pain.  It wasn’t to the level of needing bed rest, but I knew walking was out of the question.  So on that day I accepted and found joy in site seeing from the car.  I could have used my wheelchair that day, but bouncing along gravel and uneven walkways would have most likely hurt my body as much as walking.  I also took naps when my body asked for them.

5. I made changes to my treatment plan months prior.  In February I committed to exercising on a regular basis.  This helped build my stamina and strength.  The biggest change took place four months ago when I added Oska Pulse to my treatment.  Click here to read about the improvements I have experienced from Oska Pulse.  For the first time in my chronic life, I had more good days than bad during a vacation.  Typically I only experience one or two good days while away from home,  only having one extremely bad day this go-around was absolutely fabulous!!  Request my secret discount code here!

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It took a couple of days to get back into my regular routine after returning home and instead of pushing myself I allowed my body to recover.  I also brought home a few souvenirs; Al the alien, a new shirt, and something I didn’t want….. a new pain.  I have an appointment scheduled to address this newest symptom with my doctor and hope that it is something that can be dealt with quickly and easily.  No matter what it is I will continue on like I have been, one day at a time and loving life no matter how badly my body misbehaves!

Do you enjoy road trips?  What was your most memorable one?

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Published by Cynthia Covert

Diagnosed in 2001 with psoriasis, followed by fibromyalgia, psoriatic arthritis, endometriosis, and later a botched hysterectomy turned her world upside down. Cynthia shares her experience, advice, and tips for how to make life with chronic pain easier and less painful.

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