How my chronic mom and I both treat our anxiety

How my chronic mom and I treat our anxiety

By Zeva   *This post contains affiliate links which support this site.


My chronic momma, The Disabled Diva and I both deal with anxiety in one degree or another.  Mommy’s anxiety practically paralyzes her body.  It’s like she has been frozen in time.  Her mind races from one wretched thought of despair, destruction, and worry to another.  She feels trapped because during those episodes she isn’t able to communicate her thoughts.  Her mouth won’t release the words she wants say and her hands aren’t able to write or type them out either.  Instead she is alone with her thoughts praying that she doesn’t go mad.

My anxiety is different.  I don’t like being left alone.  I start freaking out the moment I realize that my entire is family is dressed and getting ready to go somewhere without me.  Unlike my mommy, my body has no issues moving when my anxiety kicks in.  I tremble so terribly that you’d swear my bones were going to shake out of my body.  The only way I know how to show mommy how anxious I am feeling is to destroy things like the sofa cushion seats or pillows.  Another trigger for me is when people approach my mom while she is holding me or my leash.  I am very protective of her, that’s my job.  I don’t become vicious, instead I tremble with fear and frustration because I would feel awful if I allowed someone to hurt her.


Good news is that mommy and I have both had a major decrease in the frequency and intensity of our anxiety attacks.  Mommy has only had one in the past 6 months and I am more relaxed and comfortable around people.  And we have the same thing to thank for it…. CBD oil.  That’s right! Mom and I both treat our anxiety with CBD.  One of mom’s favorite CBD tinctures is Triniti CBD in mint.  Anyone in the United States can order it even if they don’t live in a state that has legalized medical marijuana because it doesn’t contain THC.  My favorite way to get my dose of CBD is with Canna-Pet’s Canna Biscuits!


Thanks to Triniti CBD and Canna-Pet mommy and I both have less anxiety, are enjoying life, and are able to focus on what really matters.  Instead of destroying furniture out of frustration I only rip apart my toys, because well let’s face it, it is FUN!

Bow wow for now!


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