Sickness and Shoverly

Sickness and Shoverly

Guest Post Written By Abigail Covert

Disclaimer: I honestly have no idea if Shovelry is a word or not. They used it in the game and I thought it would make a good title.. ANYWAYS let’s get on with this.

Last Saturday I woke up with what felt like one of the worst colds ever, but as the day went on it got much better which led me to believe I would be okay on Sunday. But nope! I woke up with my throat hurting horribly and feeling like I needed to vomit. Luckily I did not vomit. I spent most of that day laying in bed and playing one of my favorite games, Shovel Knight. Now usually when I’m horribly sick I play games that are more relaxing and don’t require much muscle memory or a fully functional brain, games like Ace Attorney or Animal Crossing are usually what I play when I’m that sick. But for once, I changed it up and played Shovel Knight, for about almost 6 hours. Now, as I already stated, I don’t usually play anything too extreme while sick and I’m not saying Shovel Knight is extremely hard but I do often have to control myself from throwing my 3DS across the room when I play it.

Now, what leads me to play this game while being so sick? Was it that I finally wanted to finish Specter Of Torment? Maybe I wanted to finally collect all those darn music sheets. Or maybe I just wanted to see Mona’s cute dance again.

Well, Honestly all the above. I did end up finishing Specter Knight’s campaign and collecting all the red skulls. I did, in fact, get to see Mona’s cute dance. But sadly I didn’t collect all the music sheets, I’m still working on it though. I think one of the things that draws me to Shovel Knight is that, even though the entire land has been taken over by The Enchantress and her Order Of No Quarter and Shield Knight being taken away, there seems like not much can be done to stop them, But you, Shovel Knight are brave enough to defeat them and save Shield Knight. I mean, there’s also the Troupple King and who doesn’t love a king of fish and fruit?

What I just said kinda sounds like your average video game, defeat the bad guys! Save that random lady you’ve only seen on screen for less than five minutes! But in all honestly, what makes Shovel Knight great is that, no matter what’s going on in my life, I can play it and always have this sense of wonderment and happiness. I guess what I’m trying to get at is, Shovel Knight is an adorable game with fun characters and even though sometimes it can get hard, it’s still rewarding and just so darn adorable. And somehow, even though I was super sick and felt super horrible, Shovel Knight was there for me. Now if you don’t mind, I have some darn music sheets to find.
What’s your favorite game to play when you’re sick or flaring?


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