Help! I’m Overheating!

Help! I’m Overheating!

Guest Post Written By Elysha Ludwig

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So I’ve dealt with chronic pain for a little over 3 years now. It’s crazy, I’m still finding out what triggers my pain. I thought knew them all but I guess not!! What’s the new trigger?? Oh heat….here I am in the Valley of the Sun trying to stay cool with record breaking heat.

Thankfully I have a house and car with great AC but it’s all the in between! Even coming inside from the heat it takes awhile to cool down. So I’m trying new things to stay cool! What are things you do to keep cool?

Hi! Cynthia here with some advice to help Elysha and you stay chronically cool this summer

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4 thoughts on “Help! I’m Overheating!

  1. Thanks Rebecca! I’m the opposite, I don’t sweat properly. Instead my skin becomes cold and clammy thanks to a medication I took in the past. But since you mentioned having to mop off your neck I wonder if a cooling neck wrap would help. Hugs!!

    1. Oooohhh I like that idea. My mother actually has that issue. But not from PsA (Ehlers-Danlos). She doesn’t sweat at all and get super sick (headache, vertigo, nausea, fainting, etc.) when temps rise.

      1. Wow! Hugs for your mom too!! I experience the same except fainting. Instead I have spikes with nerve pain. This has been the most brutal summer I’ve experienced in southern California. I’m so ready for it to end.

  2. Love this article. Any recommendations on how to manage the sweating? I swear I become a puddle when temperatures go up. I actually have a towel in purse to mop off my neck. It’s so gross 🙁

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