Zeva the Diva shares how she survived the 4th of July

Zeva the Diva shares how she survived the 4th of July

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I detest fireworks.  There I said it! I get why most humans like them, they are pretty.  However, I have never been able to enjoy them because their loud booms terrify me.  Last year’s Independence Day was one of my worst.  My mommy and human sister spent the night taking turns holding and comforting me.  Instead of sitting outside watching the light show, my family and I spent the evening inside with the windows closed.  It wouldn’t have so bad if the booms were from a distance or only lasted for a half hour. Instead the booms were taking place right above our house and they continued one right after another for several hours.  Mommy thought my bones were going to shake out of my body.  She gave me some Benadryl, but it wasn’t much help.

This year mommy didn’t want a repeat of last year and to be honest, neither did I.  She has been treating my feline brother Dr, Rocky with cannabis for 5 years.  He is a happy and healthy cat that looks and acts like he’s 7 not 17.  So this year she decided to give me some of his medication.  She medicates Dr. Rocky with  an edible cannabis infused coconut oil which has improved his arthritis and more.  Last night she gave me half a teaspoon of it.  At first I turned away from it because I don’t care for the smell.  But then I saw Dr. Rocky lick it off of her finger and jealousy got the best of me.   I ran over and quickly licked off the next dose that she placed on her fingers.  It took about an hour to fully take effect, but once it did I stopped growling, barking, and shaking every time there was a boom in the sky.  Mommy knew she made the right decision when the nighttime spectacular kicked off into full gear.  The bright lights lit up our house and it sounded like a war zone outside, but instead of getting upset I yawned, stretched, gave my mommy a kiss, and we both went to sleep.

rocky zeva.jpg

The tough part of being a therapy dog that also has moments of anxiety is that it takes away from what I do.  I can’t help mommy when I am distracted or in the middle of my own anxiety attack.  Medicating with cannabis helps both of us.  That is why mommy and I are excited to tell you about Canna-Pet.  Canna-Pet offers an array of CBD treats, capsules, and liquid drops to help canine divas like me.  Canna-pet also takes the guess work out of figuring out what dosage is best.  Most importantly they offer guides that will help your humans figure out how to use CBD to help us whether we have anxiety, cancer, asthma, degenerative joint disease, diabetes, chronic pain, and so much more.  Click here to learn more about Canna-Pet.

Those of you who have access to medical marijuana in southern California may want to try the product that my mommy has been treating Dr. Rocky with.  She prefers Soothing Sue’s Rub Me Right edible massage oil.  In addition to medicating me and Dr. Rocky, she uses it on her body and cooks with it.

And that is how I survived the 4th of July!

Bow wow for now,

Zeva the Diva



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