Free Emergency Medical Information Wallet Card

Free Emergency Medical Information Wallet Card


Did you hear last week’s Dish’n with The Disabled Diva’s episode on vacationing with a chronic illness?  If not click here to listen in.  In case you didn’t hear, I am giving away a free downloadable emergency medical information wallet card.  Whether you are going on vacation or going grocery shopping, it is important for those of us who have one or more chronic health issues to have important information on us at all times.  With my free downloadable emergency medical information wallet card emergency personnel will have the most important details of your conditions, medications, surgeries, quickly.  Keep near your driver’s license or identification card so it will be found in case of an emergency, also inform your friends and family of its whereabouts.

Click here to get yours today!  If you have already subscribed to The Disabled Diva, you were given the link to download your free copy in last week’s newsletter.

Wishing you a safe travels!

The Disabled Diva




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3 thoughts on “Free Emergency Medical Information Wallet Card

  1. Danielle Faith June 4, 2017 at 10:52 pm Reply

    Thank you for this excellent resource! I love it!


  2. […] is to have your most important medical information on hand.  I am giving away a downloadable Emergency Medical Information Wallet Card.  By keeping this card near your identification your traveling mates and/or emergency personnel […]


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