Spring Cleaning Your Chronic Life: Scrub Away Negative Thoughts

Spring Cleaning Your Chronic Life:

Scrub Away Negative Thoughts


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 “I am worthless.” “I have no purpose.” “I hate my life.” 

“I can’t do anything.”  “I am disappointment.” 

Do any of those thoughts sound familiar to you? Are you struggling to find joy and peace in your life?  If so I have something to tell you that you aren’t going to like, but need to hear.  As long as you allow those thoughts make themselves at home in your mind things will only get worse. Even if you only have those thoughts occasionally, you must be careful to not allow them to fester and grow.  I know this all too well as I have been there and I don’t wish it upon anybody. 

Messy messages

Negative thoughts are like dust bunnies, they hide in corners and are dirty.  They also multiply.  Just one of them can turn into hundreds more.  The more negative thoughts we house in our minds the less room there is for positive ones.  If neglected for too long those nasty critters will take over.  Like it or not our thoughts impact what we do and how we do it. After a while we stop struggling to feel happiness because we begin to believe the lies that are festering in our heads and don’t think that we are worthy of enjoying anything.  Instead of looking for alternative ways to do things we used to love doing, we give up because our demons have convinced us that we are useless and unworthy. 



Clean up that mess

The first step in spring cleaning your mind of negative thoughts is to confront them.  Why do you feel worthless or that you don’t have a purpose?  Why do you hate your life?  When you are able to recognize the source of a negative thought you can begin the process of cleaning.  Face the source, figure out why it occurred.  Maybe you felt like you let someone you love down.  Instead of allowing the negative thought to fester, think if there was something you could have done differently.  While you can’t relive the moment to make it better, you may be able to improve the outcome the next time.  Each time you think of a solution or take precautions you begin to scrub those stains out.  Rid your mind of doubt and fear by washing it with courage and strength. Be forceful; tell that beast to shut its mouth!  Because believe it or not, you are strong, beautiful, worthy of love, and have a purpose.  I want to be clear that just believing that things will get better or trying to cover those dark spots by placing a rug of positivity over it won’t work.  Eventually the rug will slip and that spot will be even harder to remove.  You need to make changes in your life.  Some of those changes may be in regards to what you eat, how you schedule your time, how you medicate, or who you spend time with.  Negative people are drawn together just like positive ones are, take a good look at who you are attracting.  Some people may be able to face their demon on their own, while others may need to seek professional assistance and there is nothing wrong with that.  There is no reason to feel ashamed or weak for seeking help, in fact acknowledging that you need help is an act of courage and strength.

Accidents happen

Your life won’t ever be perfect, accidents happen.  Negative thoughts are sneaky and pop into our heads without warning.  However, when you are able to see more good than bad in your life those dust bunnies will have less room to camp out in.  Seeking new and alternative ways to live or do what you want to keeps you thinking in a positive manner, because you are focused on winning not failing.  Don’t let the challenges that your chronic illnesses have created fill your mind with dirt and grime.  Just because we can’t have our old lives back doesn’t mean that we can’t enjoy the one we have.




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6 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning Your Chronic Life: Scrub Away Negative Thoughts

  1. mrsjeeby April 17, 2017 at 4:19 am Reply

    Some great advice, sometimes negative thoughts take over our lives. Having a spring clean and facing the issue can help. I think it’s important to know that negative thoughts are OK, try not run from them, face and accept them. I’m terrible at trying to avoid mine.


    • The Disabled Diva April 24, 2017 at 4:10 am Reply

      Thanks, and you are right, negative thoughts are normal and it is best that we don’t avoid or run from them. Happy spring cleaning!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Sally April 19, 2017 at 5:11 pm Reply

    I’ve been doing a spring reset – and yes, you’re right on. I need to reset my attitude in a few areas too.


  3. writerkatgn April 22, 2017 at 4:04 am Reply

    I really like your perspective and the idea of a spring reset and mind recleaning. By this time of year, especially for those of us who start new years full of hope like I do, we can get bogged down by old thought patterns. I’ve been able to still keep 2017 surprisingly hopeful and we’ll so far, but it doesn’t mean there’s still not always room for improvement! Thanks again!


    • The Disabled Diva April 24, 2017 at 4:05 am Reply

      Thanks for your feedback! We can always improve, but the important thing is that we don’t stop trying.


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