The Disabled Diva’s Top 10 Travel Tips


1.        Research where you want to go.  Is the location and climate suitable to your chronic needs?  Is it handicapped accessible? Click here for more advice on choosing your vacation destination.


2.       Bring extra pain medication.  The average person relaxes while on vacation, a chronically ill person pushes past their limitations.  By preparing for the worst you will have what you need when you pushed your body beyond its breaking point.

pill organizer

3.       When possible plan downtime throughout your trip.  Click here to find out how I incorporate downtime into my vacations.

vacation downtime

4.       Don’t be too hard on yourself.  If your body needs to rest, REST.  Go easy on yourself if you have to cancel or reschedule vacation activities. Instead of letting anger or disappointment get the best of you, focus on the things you were able to do and rejoice in those accomplishments.

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5.       Be realistic with your expectations. Click here for tips on adjusting your expectations in order to a fabulous trip.


6.       Accept assistance.  Whether it is from a traveling companion or the staff at the airport, train station, hotel, etc., accepting their help will decrease both emotional and physical stress.

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7.       Choose a mode of transportation that will keep you and your body the most comfortable.  Click here for tips on choosing how to arrive at your destination.


8.       Plan for the worst, but don’t focus on everything that could go wrong.  I may experience only one outstanding moment and fifty horrible ones during a trip.  Instead of tarnishing my memories with the rotten moments, I focus on the one wonderful moment and hold tight to that feeling.

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9.       Plan and pack with your chronic illnesses in mind.  Click here for advice on keeping your invisible traveling companions happy while away from home.

invisible traveling companions

10.   Allow yourself to have FUN!!!!  Sometimes we, the chronically ill, feel like we don’t deserve to be happy.  We often fear being happy because we are terrified of having that joy taken from us.  Stop punishing yourself and have a good time.  Remember that it is okay and possible to be ill and happy.





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6 thoughts on “The Disabled Diva’s Top 10 Travel Tips

  1. Danielle Faith April 6, 2017 at 9:23 pm Reply

    This might seem a little bit offtopic, but I love your blog in general. You always have really great and insightful things to say. Plus, I love the idea of a “disabled diva!” Anyway, just wanted to tell you that.


  2. writerkatgn April 14, 2017 at 9:46 am Reply

    These are great tips. My EDS started deteriorating on my last Disney World trip, and it was very hard. Glad I’ll know what to do and to accept help, and my limitations, for the next one.


    • The Disabled Diva April 24, 2017 at 4:11 am Reply

      Sorry about your last trip, but thrilled that you are prepared for your next one!


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  4. […] bring along on vacation to keep her chronic conditions as happy as possible. In fact you should click here to read some of her tips!! But in the meantime, find out what she brings for me when I get to […]


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