How Oska Pulse Improved My Life

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I originally received my Oska Pulse from  Chronic Illness Bloggers to review and today I want to expand upon why I am still in love with this nifty device.  Click here to read my original review.  My opinions remain my own and were no way influenced by the company. Keep reading to find out how it improved my life.

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pemf therapy with oska pulse relieves all types of pain
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Best drug-free remedy

The Oska Pulse continues to amaze me by how it combats pain without medication.  I try to avoid medication for pain during the day. Pain medication makes me sleepy and decreases my productivity.

Instead of spending the day in a daze or asleep I am able to work while my Oska Pulse treats the pain.  The strap that comes with it makes it possible to treat my pain no matter where I am at.

I wear mine while grocery shopping, exercising, and even at Disneyland.  The best part of this drug-free pain relief device is that there are no side effects.

Unbelievable results

I truly had doubts about this product before using it. Drug-free pain relief sounded too good to be true.  However, I am continually blown away by how my Oska Pulse reduces and eliminates pain.

Six weeks ago I committed to exercising regularly.  During the first two weeks, I only worked out twice a week.  The pain I experienced in my knees was excruciating.  I used my Oska Pulse before, after, and sometimes while exercising.

At first it would take hours for me to experience relief, but still amazing considering that no medication was involved.  By week three I only needed to use it during and after exercising.  Six weeks later and I only need to wear it once or twice a day instead of for multiple hours.

I have found that it works quickly when treatment is done at the onset of pain.  The other day I woke up to an aching and weak wrist.  I feared that I wouldn’t be able to lift my dinky 2lb weights.

I wore my Oska Pulse near my wrist for two treatments prior to exercising and throughout my first 5-minute rotation. I finished exercising and enjoyed the rest of my day without pain in my wrist.

Wearing my Oska Pulse around my knees or back when out of the house often increases how long I am able to be out.  It also decreases my recovery time.

Try it risk-free

The Oska Pulse isn’t the cheapest pain relief option, but it is worth every penny.  Thankfully Oska Wellness is offering a savings of $55 to my readers when they use promo code “CYNTHIA55”.  Still unsure? Oska Wellness also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee!!! Ready to try Oska Pulse?  Click here to order the best drug-free pain relieving device available!

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