Why Every Restaurant Should be on DineSafe

Why Every Restaurant Should be on DineSafe


This is a sponsored post.  Although I have been paid to write this article, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Last year I introduced my readers to a new app called DineSafeClick here to read that post and find out how to use it.  Today I want to remind my readers who have food allergies/sensitivities or follow a specific diet of how the DineSafe app makes choosing where to eat easier and safer.  I also want to encourage more restaurants to get on board.

Benefits of DineSafe for the consumer

The DineSafe app is designed to help those who have various food or latex allergies know where it is safe to eat.  It also informs the diner of vegan and vegetarian options.  This app makes choosing where to eat less stressful.  Instead of feeling overwhelmed from trying to figure out what they may be able to eat when they arrive, they will know their options beforehand.  They may discover that a restaurant they overlooked over in the past actually has some delicious options for them.

Benefits of DineSafe for restaurants

There is no fee for restaurants to participate if they enter their information  themselves.  DineSafe also offers affordable rates to do the work for them.  Restaurants have nothing to lose and everything to gain. They will gain customers that never considered their eatery a possibility.  When a diner with food allergies etc. discovers a restuarant that has menu options that fit their dietary needs, they will return often and tell their friends.  Who doesn’t want more customers or an increase of repeat diners?  Give your patrons the peace of mind they deserve before they enter your doors and contact DineSafe today!!


How you can help

Restaurants: Contact DineSafe today to find out how easy it is to upload your information or learn more about the option of having them do it for you.

Consumers:  Tell every one of your favorite restaurants (local and national chains), about DineSafe and encourage them to participate.  There is an option within the app to petition and request restaurants.

Help make eating out a safer experience


download the DineSafe app today!




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