How Cannabis Made Getting Pain Relief Less Painful








I had many reasons choosing to choose cannabis to relieve chronic pain from fibromyalgia, psoriatic arthritis, degenerative disc disease, coccydynia, and endometriosis, but there was one reason that I never even considered until I experienced it myself.

As I was nearing the end of my prescription pain pill era, my doctors were under pressure to limit and/reduce the amount of pain medication they prescribed. The result was that chronic patients like myself had to be seen monthly and we were no longer being prescribed the amount we needed. Prior to this my physician was able to write a prescription for several months worth of pain meds at a time.  This meant I only needed to see my doctor a few times a year unless something new presented itself.  For me, a monthly doctor visit to get a prescription was a painful nightmare.  Each visit would physically deplete me. They stole precious time that could have been spent laughing and making memories with family and friends. They would also emotionally drain me.  No one should be brought to tears over asking for an adequate amount of pain relief.

*Disclosure: I am not a medical professional. I am NOT issuing medical advice. I am only sharing my experience. This post includes affiliate links. Meaning that at no additional cost to you, I receive a commission when you make a purchase through my links. The proceeds earned fund the giveaways I host in my Facebook groups.

I knew that medicating with marijuana would have many benefits, but not having to beg to get a smidgen of what I needed was one of the most surprising and empowering ones.  I no longer needed to see a doctor on a monthly basis to request pain medication.  In the state of California, I only need to see a medical marijuana referring physician once a year.  At the time I made the switch, I was paying $30 a month just to see my physician. That was $360 just to have my doctor write a prescription!  My initial MMJ recommendation was $65 and I have renewed each year for just $35!  Who knew I would be saving money too!!!! Fast forward to 2018 when I began getting my recommendation online in the privacy of my own home for only $39!










With my recommendation in hand I am free to get my medication from any dispensary in California.  No more having to worry about which pharmacy takes my insurance.  Instead of being stuck with a pharmacy that knows I can’t go anywhere else and doesn’t care about me as a patient, dispensaries work hard to please their patients.  They offer premium products and run specials on different forms of MMJ all the time.

With my MMJ recommendation I am able to acquire the amount of medication that I need, plus have a surplus for really bad days.  The best part is that MMJ comes in so many different forms which makes micro dosing for daily muscle spasms, nerve pain, and bone pain possible.  It was impossible for me to micro dose with opioids. Can you imagine breaking down a pain pill when you only need a few milligrams?

To top it off, since medicating with MMJ I no longer experience the side effects that I did with pharmaceuticals.  I shudder when I think about how much sicker I would be or how many more prescriptions I would need if I had continued treating my chronic pain with my doctors prescription pad. At the time I decided enough was enough, my doctor was ready to write 10 prescriptions just to combat side effects!!!!!!

Medicating with MMJ has improved my life in so many ways.  My family and I love that I no longer have to exhaust myself both physically and emotionally with monthly doctor visits and having to beg for pain medication. I have both time and energy to enjoy doing things I want to do.  I am living again.  Most importantly, I am learning more about my body.  I am not only able to identify each of my major pain sources, I am discovering what movements or activities set off a chain reaction of pain or angers a particular pain source.

Do you medicate with MMJ?  What benefit surprised you?









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2 thoughts on “How Cannabis Made Getting Pain Relief Less Painful

  1. I hear medical marijuana can be a life saver for so many people. It’s ridiculous that it was illegal before. There is so much research to be done on its benefits! Wishing you the best of luck in your journey!!! Xo, Faith via


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