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I am always excited when I hear about ways to reduce pain that doesn’t involve prescription medication.  Living with multiple chronic conditions equates to experiencing some sort of physical pain every day of my life.  So when something comes my way that offers to reduce my physical pain or to make my life easier I am eager to give it a try. I was recently asked to try Quell, a 100% drug free pain relieving device.  This nifty device is designed to tap into our body’s natural pain relief response by triggering a natural response that blocks pain signals which leads to widespread pain relief. 

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What is Quell?  The Quell device is designed to provide widespread relief from chronic pain.  It differs from other TENS units as it is 5X more powerful than other leading over the counter pain relief devices.  It can be worn 24/7, even while sleeping.  When used with their handy app, the user is able to choose from many different treatment settings.  For example, maybe you only want your therapy session running while you are falling asleep or prefer for it to run the same as it does during the day.  Note that it can take up to several sessions or weeks to fully experience the pain relieving benefits of this device. Also remember that Quell is not a cure for chronic pain, but instead a tool to reduce it. It is designed to be worn on your calf no matter where your pain is located. Pain is then blocked at the spinal cord, which helps you feel widespread relief from your pain, not just relief in a specific part of your body.

No prescription needed.  You do not need a prescription to purchase Quell.  The downside to this is that it is not covered by most health insurance plans.  However, you may apply the cost of your device towards you FSA Flexible Spending Account or HSA Health Savings Account. 

As a note of caution, consult your doctor before using if you have a cardiac pacemaker, implanted defibrillator, or other implanted metallic or electronic device. Also note that Quell is not designed to treat migraines or headaches as they occur in an area of the brain other than the area that Quell targets.

What about side effects? Some people may experience mild skin irritation under the electrodes after prolonged use. 


My experience.  I began using my Quell device in order to reduce nerve pain.  In addition to the nerve pain I experience from my conditions, I have permanent nerve damage from a surgical error that creates intensely maddening pain throughout my pelvis and left thigh.  After reading and following the instructions I placed my device on my calf and calibrated it.  The tingling sensation that the device created was almost as strong and annoying as my nerve pain was that day.  While not a pleasant first experience, I did notice a decrease in nerve pain after my session ended.  Not wanting my sessions to feel like I was being tortured I took time to experiment with my session settings.  After a session begins I decrease the intensity of the tingling until it reaches a level that I am able to tolerate.  Once I found a level that didn’t make me feel like I was being tortured, I began to enjoy my sessions.  I have been pleasantly surprised by how this device helps to reduce my nerve pain.  I have also found that by using my device before my nerve pain reaches an intolerable level, the greater my level of relief is.

Still not sure if Quell could help you?  You will be happy to know that Quell offers a 60 day money back guarantee. 

Wishing you a day with less pain and many reasons to smile,

The Disabled Diva





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