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Hi friends,

Those of you who follow my blog and receive notifications through WordPress when I publish a post, were recently sent a ton of emails.  I apologize for this.  It wasn’t until after I finished posting the remaining Disneyland posts that I realized you all were being swamped with emails.  To avoid this from happening again, I invite you to subscribe to my email newsletter.  Instead of receiving an email for each post I write, you will receive one email each week either on Sunday or Monday.  That one email will have all the links for that week’s new posts.  Occasionally, you will receive a 2nd, but that is rare and only if there is something that I feel needs attention right away.  And a little heads up, the sooner you switch your subscription to my email newsletter the better as I will soon be adding posts for Disney World’s attractions.  I encourage you to unsubscribe from the WordPress email notification and to subscribe to my weekly newsletter.

Wishing you a magical day filled with many reasons to smile!

The Disabled Diva


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