Disneyland Recap #14 October 9, 2016. A change of plans.

Disneyland Recap #14

October 9, 2016.

A change of plans.

The past few weeks have been filled with one disappointing doctor appointment after another.  (Click here to ready about my current battle with abdominal adhesions.)  After leaving the last one in tears I turned to my husband and said I desperately needed some Disney therapy.


Although our southern California mornings and evenings feel like fall, our daytime temps haven’t received the memo. The forecasted high for this day was 91. Because colder temperatures make my feet ache I wore my new Mickey slippers into the park that morning and brought flip flops to change into once the day warmed up.  It is funny how something so simple can improve an outing.  The plan was to stay late into the evening as I wanted to watch World of Color.  Along with my slippers, I brought along a light sweater and a heavy sweatshirt to comfort me once the sun set. 


Thankfully, I awoke with a lower level of nausea.  Too bad my abdominal pain had increased.  But I refused to let this stop me.  All I had to do was sit in my wheelchair and decided that the worst thing that could happen would be that I would spend my day slumped in it.  Besides, my worst day at Disneyland is better than any day confined to my bed.  I began my day with a small dose of MMJ, rubbed Mo’s Dream Cream all over my body, and fired up my juicer.  After a quick run through Starbucks we were on our way.

7:30AM We arrived at the Mickey and Friends parking garage.


8:00AM  We decided to start our day by riding Radiator Racers in California Adventure.  It has been a while since we rode this attraction.  The reason for this is because mornings are the best time to get on quickly and we typically spend our mornings in the Disneyland Park.  The plan was to ride racers then go over to Disneyland and return to California Adventure after a late lunch.  Imagine my disappointment when we arrived at the entrance to racers and found out that it was temporarily closed.  On to plan B:  Time to go to Disneyland and try this attraction again later.

8:15AM As we were making our way to the front of California Adventure, we saw that there was a sneak peek for the new Marvel movie Dr. Strange.  So we popped in there before exiting.  By the way, the movie looks amazing, but many of the 3D effects caused me to have a mild case of motion sickness.


8:30AM  With Tower of Terror preparing to be shut down soon, my husband had planned on riding it today.  Since everyone else in the park seemed to have the same idea, we thought it would be best that he tried now instead of later when the lines would be ridiculously long.  I chose to people watch while he rode terror and my daughter rode Monster’s INC.  My husband was the first to return.  The wait was already over an hour long.  Instead of waiting that long we decided that he could do it when we returned later with a fast pass.

8:45AM  Just as my daughter returned another guest informed me that Racers had reopened.  Back to plan A.  The estimated standard queue wait time was 45 minutes, but we really only waited 20 minutes.

9:17AM Hopped over to Disneyland

9:38AM Arrived at Ghost Galaxy expecting to receive a disabled return time.  To our delight, the cast member’s scanner wasn’t working and she let us right on.  Technological fails are a disabled person’s best friend when it comes to return times.


10:00AM  Besides hoping to loosen some adhesions by riding fast and jerky rides and enjoying the sights and sounds of the parks, my other goal for the day was to take pictures for the attraction posts on my site that didn’t have any.  I sent my family off to get Fast Passes for Indiana Jones, while I used my wheelchair as a walker to slowly stroll around and take pictures. 

11:00AM  Done taking pictures I met up with my husband and daughter only to discover that my daughter wasn’t feeling well.  Before declaring the day over, we first gave her medication for her complaints and decided to go back over to California Adventure so I could get the rest of the pictures I needed while my daughter rested.  If she wasn’t feeling better after I collected all the pictures that I needed we would go home.  In the meantime, my husband figured he would try Tower one more time. My daughter joined me for a slow tour of select attractions.


Noon:  Done taking pictures, we arrived at our agreed upon meeting spot.  Surprise, my husband was waiting for us.  He had been there the whole time as Tower had a 180 minute wait.  It was stinking hot out and even though we knew it would cool off in a few hours, I couldn’t make my daughter suffer longer.  Our day was done. We still had our Indiana Jones Fast Passes which were good from 12:30 – 1:30.  Since we wouldn’t be using them, we handed gave them to some random guests. 

 Days like this are just one of the reasons that I love living nearby and being a pass holder.  I don’t mind having to leave after a few hours.  But not everyone has that luxury.  I also know what it is like to spend a fortune on a vacation and to have all plans change because someone became ill.  When my appendix ruptured the second morning of a week-long Disneyland vacation, my family only took off the day of my surgery.  The next day my teenage son took his toddler sister to Disneyland and they had a blast.  My husband joined them after picking me up from the hospital and getting me settled in our hotel room.  Instead of ending our vacation, we rented a wheelchair from an outside vendor and we added a day to make up for my surgery.  When the kids were younger, if one fell ill, my husband and I would take turns in the park with the other kid.  Now that my youngest is a teen, she is able to rest by herself in the hotel room or play in the park if I am resting.  We are planning a multi stay visit next month to allow us the opportunity to nap or just take a break when needed throughout the day. 

Being flexible when planning a Disneyland vacation is imperative when one or more of your party has a chronic illness.  Don’t be like Clark Griswold by filling your head with ideas of how everything is going to pan out or thinking that everyone has to do the same thing at the same time. 

Wishing you a magical day!

The Disabled Diva




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3 thoughts on “Disneyland Recap #14 October 9, 2016. A change of plans.

  1. Julie October 13, 2016 at 2:21 pm Reply

    Thank you so much for posting your Disney recaps! I’m planning on my second Disney trip since I started suffering from chronic pain (intercostal neuralgia & costochondritis) and my pain’s only gotten worse since my first trip many years ago. I’m excited but nervous that I won’t be able to enjoy my day after driving 2 hours to get there. Any suggestions for me? I can walk but not for long and I’m afraid of people being mean to me if I decide to rent a wheelchair. Hope you’re having a low pain day!


    • The Disabled Diva October 13, 2016 at 2:28 pm Reply

      First, hurray!! Second, is there a way you can arrive the day before so you can get a good night’s sleep. Or have someone else drive? If you struggle with walking and standing I highly recommend using a wheelchair or scooter. Best to save your energy for the rides and other attractions. Don’t worry about what people think. You have to do what’s best for you! Plus, as you may have noticed in my posts, wheelchair users no longer go to the front of the line. So no one can accuse you of taking advantage of the system. Have you subscribed to my email newsletter? You’ll get a free pdf copy of my guide. Feel free to ask any questions!


      • Julie October 13, 2016 at 3:25 pm

        We actually did get a hotel for the night before so we won’t have to worry about me being in a car for 2 hours right before! Also got a hotel for the night of so we wouldn’t have to worry about me being in pain packed into a car. I actually have a friend who is a cast member at Disney who also has fibro so I’ve been picking her brain for ideas as well. Definitely know I *should* do what’s best for me but it’s always hard when I know people are gonna be all judgey. Good thing my SO is a Marine and could probably shut people up just by being there haha. Thanks so much for your input 🙂 I’ll subscribe now!


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