Failed Colonoscopy

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This post is part of a series about my quest to find relief from abdominal adhesions.

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I haven’t had much to write about in regards to my quest to find relief from abdominal adhesions.  Things are kind of at a standstill while I wait to get past my digestive tests.  I had my colonoscopy a couple of weeks ago, but had to reschedule it.  Even though I was only passing clear liquid my colon was still full of crap.  The soonest I could get another appointment was for the end of September.

For my next colonoscopy I will have to be on a liquid diet for several days prior. Fingers crossed that my colon will be clean and ready for the next one.  In the meantime my pain continues.  At this point I will be lucky to be past the digestive tests before Christmas.  To keep my sanity in tact I am forcing myself to focus on everything and anything but having surgery.  Knowing that it will just be a reset and not a cure-all is what makes it easy.  It is just frustrating that women who have a history of adhesions have to go through this battery of tests every time the pain becomes unbearable.  My husband and I have been joking that we should start the process a few months after I do have surgery.  That way surgery will be scheduled by the time adhesions attack my bowels again in a few years.


What’s the longest you’ve had to go through testing to have your surgery approved?  So far 2 years is my max.

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