Park day recap #11 Aug. 21, 2016 Disneyland – Hyperspace Marathon

Hyperspace Marathon

With Hyperspace Mountain being scheduled to close in order to get its Halloween makeover, Ghost Galaxy, on Aug. 22nd, I had to get my fix quickly.  If you have read my past recaps, you already know that Hyperspace is one of my favorite attractions.  There were two reasons that I needed to get to the park to ride it as many times as I could before it shut down.  The first is that while I like Ghost Galaxy, it’s not Hyperspace.  The second reason is that there was no guarantee that Hyperspace would be returning after the Halloween season.  In order to get my fix, my Prince Charming and I planned to spend a day riding it until we either ran out of time or my body had enough.  Wondering how many times we were able to ride this attraction?  Read on to find out!

I began my day by rubbing Mo’s Dream Cream all over my body, paying extra attention to my neck and hips and taking approx. 10MG of a Cheeba Chew MMJ edible.

8:18AM We arrived at the Mickey and Friends Parking Garage.  For only the second time in 3 years, we were directed to park on a different level.  Typically we park on the first/lower level.  I don’t like parking in the upper levels because there are only two elevators for guests with wheelchairs or strollers.  There are escalators for the other guests.

9:00AM  After using the restroom at the bottom of the parking garage, then taking the tram to Downtown Disney, we arrived at the security line.  The line was long, but surprisingly even with every guest going through the metal detectors we arrived at the main gate to Disneyland by 9:05.

9:17AM  We arrived at the handicap entrance to Hyperspace and began our marathon.  Click here to see a quick video of the handicap entrance and loading area.

Round 1

Round 1

9:30AM  The moment we exited Hyperspace, I sent my husband with our park passes to grab Fast Passes while I waited at the attraction’s exit.


Our FP time was between 10:40 and 11:40AM. As soon as he returned we were able to enter the handicap queue for round #2.  While waiting in the queue I spoke with several cast members about the fate of this attraction after the Halloween season.  As I feared, Hyperspace as we know it will not be returning.  However, I was overjoyed to learn that it will be returning with a new version tailored to the next Star Wars movie that is slated to be released!!!!!  The new version is promised to be even more spectacular than the current version!!!!

Round 2

Round 2

9:50AM  Riding Hyperspace two times in a row left me feeling a little dizzy and woozy.  To avoid getting sick I opted to take a break before going back to get a DRT (Disabled Return Time).  The wait time was just beginning to reach the point of needing a DRT, however not close enough when we exited.  While resting I applied Mo’s Pain Stick to my neck and shoulders.


10:00AM  The mister fan that I bought a few visits back broke.  The tube for the water came loose and unlike most cheaper misters, Disneyland’s cannot be fixed as there is no way to remove the top without breaking it.  I went to one of the kiosks that sell them and explained that I had purchased it a few weeks ago, no longer had my receipt, and had only used it a couple of times.  Acknowledging that there was no way to fix it, the cast member replaced my mister with a brand new one!!  I was pleasantly surprised.  Disney is awesome about replacing items that break while guests are on vacation if they have a receipt. However, what they did for me on this warm summer day was above and beyond what I expected.  Thank you Disney!!!!

10:15AM  We stopped by the Hyperspace handicap queue to get a DRT.  Our return time was for 10:45-11:45 which worked great with out FP time of 10:40.  We still had some time to spare, so we looked on Disneyland’s app to see which nearby attractions had a short wait time.  **Occasionally their app fails to show any wait times.  When this happens I find it best to exit the app and wait a minute before clicking back on it.  **


10:20AM  We hopped into the line for the Matterhorn as it was only showing a 25 minute wait.  While guests are not able to remain in their wheelchairs while riding, there is one wide entrance gate located at each loading area that allows the wheelchair to be pushed to the ride vehicle, which helps those who can’t take a few steps to enter the vehicle easier.



For the first time in 2 years, we were directed to the left track.  I have heard others proclaim that this side provides a wilder experience than the right track.  Prior to the seats being padded, I agreed.  However, because the seats are now padded my experience was much different.  My husband and I actually preferred our experience on the left track as it felt like it had more dips and less sharp turns.  If given the choice, I will be choosing the left track from now on.

10:45AM  Arrived back at Hyperspace for round 3, using our FP.


Round 3

11:17AM  Before getting back in the handicap queue with our DRT, Prince Charming set off to grab another set of Fast Passes and to fill our Annual Passholder popcorn bucket.  Our new FP return time was for 2:15-3:15PM.

11:25AM  Back in the handicap queue using our DRT for round 4!

Round 4

Round 4

11:46AM  As we were exiting we received our next DRT of 12:30-1:30PM.  With some time to spare we decided to have lunch across the park at the Bengal BBQ located in Adventureland.  There are only a few tables near the Bengal BBQ.  With no where to sit, I held our tray of food as my husband pushed me over to an area that had plenty of seating.  In front of Golden Horshoe Saloon are many tables available and it is located just around the corner from Adventureland.

20160821_120232_wm.jpgPrince Charming ordered the Bengal Beef Skewer $4.49 and the Chieftain Chicken Skewer $4.49, while I had the Safari Skewer (asparagus wrapped in bacon) $4.19.  We each had Tiger Tail breadsticks, $3.69 each.  Our regular sized sodas would have been $3.29 each had we not had our Annual Passholder refillable cups that allowed us to purchase our drinks for $1.00 each.  Total cost for our meal was $22.55.  The breadstick was too large for me and in the future I will be splitting it with someone else.  Our only complaint about this meal was that the Safari Skewer lacked flavor, that is other than the flavor of the bacon and asparagus.  Thankfully they drenched my husband’s skewers in sauce and there was plenty to drizzle on my skewer.  In the future I plan to ask them to apply one of the sauces or request a side of sauce.

I love that my husband humors my crazy wishes and obsessions!!

I love that my husband humors my crazy wishes and obsessions!!

12:30PM  Back to Hyperspace to use our DRT for round #5.  This time we got the front row. WooHoo!!! We acquired our next DRT of 1:25-2:25PM after we exited the attraction.


12:55PM  With only a short time before our next return time we chose a nearby attraction, Buzz Lightyear’s Astro Blasters to fill the gap.  Click here to see a clip of this attraction.  The clip can help you decide if this attraction is something that you or another person in your party can handle if they are sensitive to noise, darkness, and flashing lights.

1:15PM  Took a break before returning to Hyperspace.

Round 6

Round 6

1:45PM  Returned to handicap queue to use DRT for round #6.  If we didn’t already have FP’s for one more round, I would have called it quits.  My body was hurting.  However, I am stubborn and was determined to use my FP.

Think he had enough??

Think he had enough??

2:15PM  Last round of the day, number 7!!!  While riding our final round of the day, I suddenly discovered what it was about the ride that was making my neck hurt.  Turns out is wasn’t the turns or dips that I have always assumed were the problem.  Nope, instead there are two very steep inclines at the beginning of the ride.  Because there isn’t any neck or head support on the seats, I am forced to use my neck muscles to keep my head aligned with my body.

2:45PM  We were done!  We headed out of the park and made our way to the tram in Downtown Disney.  We first opted to wait for the Disney handicap bus, but after watching one tram after another load and unload guests we switched lines and ended up taking the tram.  This is one of my complaints in regards to the bus.  It isn’t timely like the tram and sometimes disappears for an extended period of time.


As we were pulling up to the parking garage, I asked my husband if he remembered what level we  parked on.  He said he did.  I said that’s good, because I didn’t pay attention.  So after waiting 15 minutes for an elevator, we exited onto the level that my husband thought our car was on.  Because we park in the handicap spaces, we didn’t have to go to far to realize that our car was not on that level.  After waiting another 15 minutes for an elevator, we decided that instead of exiting the elevator at each level and going through this process over and over again, we would have my husband peek his head out to see if our car was visible.  Thankfully we found our vehicle one level up.  Note to self and to everyone else, pay attention and either write down where you are parked or take a picture!!

During the span of 5 hours we rode 9 rides.  Not bad!!!  The next day I was sore, but not nearly as bad as I could have been.  I have Mo’s Dream Cream & Pain Stick, Cheeba Chews, and the wonderful massage my husband gave me upon returning home to thank for that.  The best part of riding one thrill ride all day was that I was able to do what my doctors are failing to do, that is loosen some of my abdominal adhesions.

Wishing you a magical day!

The Disabled (Disney) Diva






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