Park day recap #9-A romantic adventure- July 30, 2016 Disneyland and California Adventure


This pic is of us celebrating our 10th anniversary at Disneyland.

This pic is of us celebrating our 10th anniversary at Disneyland.


Not that all my visits to Disneyland aren’t special, but this one was extra special because my Prince Charming and I were alone in the park celebrating our 17th wedding anniversary.  Our plan was to do what we have done in the past which is to spend the day riding our favorite romantic rides.  These are rides that allow us to sit next to each other.  Not all of the rides we consider to be romantic are slow, fast rides are great for holding on to each other.

In addition to dealing with abdominal adhesions, I also caught a cold.  I typically have a messed up sleep schedule in the summer months, but the additional pain and sickness made it even worse.  Instead of getting up at 5AM like I normally do when visiting Disneyland, I decided to give myself a break and slept for another hour and a half.  I was in more pain than normal as the humidity was high and all of my joints and bones were hurting more than usual.  Like the past two visits, (click here for past recaps) practically bathed with Mo’s Dream Cream before leaving the house.  And even though I had yet to use the Pain Stick in the parks, I made sure to bring it along.  I also had approx. 5mg of a MMJ edible, Cheeba Chew.

The best part of getting my coffee in the park is when the cast members dot my i with a Mickey!

The best part of getting my coffee in the park is when the cast members dot my i with a Mickey!

We arrived at the Mickey and Friend’s parking garage at 8:15.  It took an hour to park, ride the tram, and go through security.  Because I was feeling sluggish, our first stop was for coffee at 9:15.

9:35: With our coffee in hand we were off to Tomorrowland to get our disabled return time for Hyperspace Mountain.  With a return time of 10:20, we didn’t want to go far from the area, so we headed over to the Matterhorn.

9:45:  Within five minutes of getting in line for the Matterhorn, the ride shut down.  We will often wait for 15-20 minutes to see if it will reopen, but after being told that it would definitely be a 75 minute wait, we decided to move on.


9:52:  The humidity had us feeling hotter than normal, so we opted to ride Buzz Lightyear which is an air conditioned ride, plus it is located near Hyperspace.  We consider this a romantic ride because we can cuddle up next to each other in the ride vehicle.  Because my hands can’t handle the repetitive motion of shooting the gun, I don’t play.  Instead I cheer on my husband, who I am proud to say beat his highest score.

20160730_101223_wm.jpg20160730_102626_wm.jpg10:22:  We checked into Hyperspace.  There were no other wheelchairs or disabled guests waiting so we were sent directly down the accessible entrance.  Romantic?  Of course it was, hubby had his arm around me the whole time!

10:40:  We trekked across the park to get Fast Passes for Indiana Jones and then a disabled return time for Thunder Mountain.  Our Fast Pass was for 12:40 and our return time was for 11:10.

11:00:  We took a break to people watch by the Rivers of America before returning to Thunder Mountain.

20160730_111626_wm.jpg11:10:  We rode Thunder Mountain.  Romantic?  Yes, while a thrill ride, couples can sit together and hold each other tight!


11:20:  It was hot!!! And did I mention humid??  At this point we decided to skip many of the rides we consider romantic because they were outdoor rides that moved too slow.  At this point, anything that moved fast, involved water, or air conditioning is what we considered to be romantic.  Thankfully, I had my mister fan with me, I don’t know how I would have survived the heat without it.

Wanting a break from the heat, we decided to grab a snack and enjoy some entertainment inside the air conditioned Golden Horseshoe

Click on this picture to view some of the entertainment

Finding a table at the Golden Horseshoe is not easy for guests using wheelchairs or walkers.  The tables are too close for mobility aids to make their way through the dining area.  This leaves less than a handful of tables near the entrance available for handicapped guests.  Typically the only way someone with mobility issues is able to get a table is to arrive soon after it opens.  I also suggest that the guest with mobility issues have someone else in their party get the food.  The area where the food is ordered and picked up is very narrow and congested.

20160730_122505_wm.jpgNoon:  We still had 40 minutes until it was time for us to ride Indiana Jones, so we decided to get a disabled return time for Pirates of the Caribbean.  We were pleased to arrive at the exit and find that there wasn’t a cast member present.  **For guests using DAS, a wheelchair, walker, or scooter, whenever there isn’t a cast member at the handicapped entrance to an attraction you may just enter.**  Upon entering the handicapped queue, we were even more pleased when they quickly guided us to the loading area.  Romantic?  Yes! Cuddle with your sweetheart and enjoy a long air conditioned boat ride.

12:30: Restroom break.  So far this was the longest line I had to deal with.  LOL.  Was thankful that I remembered to bring along my Pain Stick as I was hurting.  While in the restroom I applied the stick to my hips and other areas that were aching.


12:50 Because our Indy Fast Pass time was from 12:40-1:40 we decided to get a disabled return time or see if we could immediately get on the Haunted Mansion as quickly as we did with Pirates.  AND we did!!! This was a strange day, the park was crowded, but the wait times for rides were very low.  From this point on we never needed another Fast Pass or disabled return time to ride anything!  I love days like this, it makes my time in the park less complicated.

The Haunted Mansion is one of our favorite romantic rides.  Perfect for snuggling with your sweetheart.


1:20  Time to ride Indiana Jones.  While not necessarily romantic, it is air conditioned.  It was so hot out that we agreed that our idea of romance for the day was to ride attractions that had air conditioning or moved fast.  This meant we were going to pass on riding Dumbo, Casey’s Circus Train, and the Storybook boats.

A little tip for boarding and getting off of Indy when using a wheelchair.  If you are able to walk a few feet and stand for a few minutes, leave you wheelchair by the elevator.  This way you will be able to exit like the rest of the guests and your wheelchair will be waiting for you on the unloading platform just a few steps away.

20160802_155018_wm.jpg1:52:  It is rare that I am not issued a disabled return time to ride “it’s a small world“.  So my prince and I were shocked when they immediately sent us down the handicapped path!!  Like Pirates and the Haunted Mansion, this is another long air conditioned ride that we were able to enjoy side by side.


2:17:  Entered the queue for the Matterhorn.  The estimated wait time was 45 minutes.  This ride does NOT issue Fast Passes or disabled return times.  Romantic?  Not at all.  LOL.  But it was fast and if you are lucky you will get sprayed with water at the end.

2:55 We exited the Matterhorn and were ready to hop over to California Adventure.

3:08:  Time for more coffee and to apply more of the pain stick and have approx. 5mg more of my Cheeba Chew.


3:30:  In line for Grizzly River Run.  We were ready to get wet.  We could have gone on Splash Mountain, but there is only a chance that we’d get wet.  With Grizzly we are guaranteed to get wet.  And wet we got!! We were soaked head to toe and it felt so good!!! While not a ride I would consider romantic, this was one time that it kind of was.  Typically, the cast members fill each raft with guests by putting single riders in the empty seats.  Same goes for the handicapped raft.  However, on this day our cast member gave us an anniversary gift of allowing us to ride all by ourselves!

5:00:  Took a little break to dry off just a little bit.  Having wet or damp clothing is one thing, but sopping wet is not ideal when the next attraction you plan to go on is air conditioned.


5:22  We went under the sea in The Little Mermaid’s Undersea Adventure.  Did he kiss the girl???  Of course he did 🙂


5:48:  On to our last ride for the day before we had dinner, California Screamin’.  While some may not consider a roller coaster romantic, my hubby and I do.  Think about it, a couple that screams together and not at each other is a happy couple.  There was no wait, we were on the coaster in less than five minutes!


6:00: Popped into a store and asked a cast member for an anniversary pin.  These are what she gave us.  Guests may request these pins, which also include birthdays and more, at any store in the parks or at the entrance gates.  We forgot both times that we were at the gates but made sure to get them before we left for the day.

6:05:  We entered the queue to wait for a table at the Cove Bar.  We are obsessed with their Lobster Nachos.  The estimated wait time was one hour or more!  Within a few minutes I knew I could not hold out that long, so we began working on plan B.  While remaining in line we both opened our Disneyland apps and began looking at the menus for restaurants in the parks and Downtown Disney.  Once we found something we both wanted to try we left the Cove Bar and made our way to the Downtown District. **TIP if you are in California Adventure and want to go to the Downtown District, you can cut through the California Grand Hotel.  There is an entrance to the hotel near Grizzly River Run. **

20160802_160325_wm.jpg 20160802_160538_wm.jpg

6:30:  We were seated for dinner.  The place we chose to eat at was Ralph Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen.  The food was delicious and the atmosphere was wonderful.  We were seated outside on the interior veranda.  The nice part about this area was that we were in the shade and since the sun was beginning to set (and my clothing was still damp) we were quite comfortable.  We will definitely be eating here again!!!

7:30  Our day has come to an end, well our day at the park that is….. Happy anniversary to us!

Wishing you a magical day!

The Disabled Disney Diva








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