Park day recap #8 July 9,2016 Disneyland and California Adventure

Park day recap #8 July 9,2016

Disneyland and California Adventure

20160716_063409_wm.jpg 20160711_162631.jpg

We were up early on this beautiful morning.  I practically bathed with my Mo’s Dream Cream.  After the surprising experience that I had with it during my last visit, I will never visit Disneyland without it.  Along with my Dream Cream, I also had approx. 5mg of medical marijuana. With the parks opening at 8AM we were out the door by 6AM.


After a short stop to have breakfast at Jack in the Box we arrived at the Mickey and Friend’s parking garage by 7:30.


Handicapped tram car

Handicapped tram car

Since there wasn’t a line for the handicapped at the tram we opted to take this over to the park rather than the handicapped bus.  The only thing I prefer about the tram versus the bus, is that the ramp is flat.  The tram car for wheelchairs is fine for one wheelchair, but not for two.  There is little room to maneuver, especially when waiting to exit as there isn’t room for the ramp to go down unless the wheelchair closest to the exit moves a few inches to the other side.  This is not easy when two wheelchairs are squished inside this car.

**News:  Every guest must go through the metal detectors!***

When Disneyland first introduced the metal detectors at the security tents, they were randomly selecting people to go through.  I am thrilled that everyone has to go through them now!


The morning started out foggy/hazy.  I love mornings like this.  It was wonderful to have a few hours without feeling like the sun was searing our skin.

20160716_083444_wm.jpg wdw2016198510905834

8:30AM Our first ride of the day was Hyperspace Mountain.  Thanks to the fabulousness of Mo’s Dream Cream, the only muscles that were upset from riding were my abdominal muscles.

20160716_084719_wm.jpg 20160716_085424_wm.jpg

8:50AM  Because lines are typically low first thing in the morning, we like to tackle as many of the popular attractions as possible.  Low lines equate to the handicapped not having to deal with return times!!  So we made our way across the park to ride Thunder Mountain.  On our way we stopped to fill up our Annual Passholder Popcorn bucket.  I am loving our $1 refills and will be so sad when this offer ends.


9:05AM  We arrived at Indiana Jones only to discover that it was temporarily shut down.  The bummer about a ride shutting down, even if just for a few minutes, is that during that time no disabled return times or FastPasses are issued.  Still feeling the need for speed, we crossed the park once again to ride the Matterhorn.  For those of you who haven’t heard, the Matterhorn now has padded seats!!!


9:30AM  I was experiencing some intense abdominal muscle spasms and opted to take a break while my family went on Star Tours.  We were expecting a high of 82 degrees that day and the sun was just starting to break through the haze.  Every summer I say I am going to purchase one of Disney’s mister fans, but never do.  My family and I are all thankful that I caved and indulged myself on this day, because by 10AM the sun was out in full force.  I love this mister.  It has a Velcro strap that I use to hang the mister from my wheelchair.  The retail price is $17.95, and I received a 20% discount with my annual pass.

While my husband was in line for Star Tours, he made reservations for lunch at Café Orleans via the Disneyland App on his phone.

10:30AM  After having issues connecting earlier in the day, my daughter was finally able to start playing Pokémon in the park.  Although the muscle cramping throughout my abdomen and ribcage was increasing, I was ready to move on to our next ride.  Indiana Jones had reopened and we received a return time of 11:20AM.

10:48AM  Arrived at the Haunted Mansion and were pleased that there wasn’t a line!  Our timing was awesome as the line was outside the gates when we exited.  Afterwards we took a popcorn break.

11:20AM  Returned and rode Indiana Jones.  Thankfully by this time my muscle spasms were decreasing.


11:51AM  Dumbo!  I had been avoiding Dumbo for awhile because my hip would dislocate while climbing inside to the ride vehicle.  It not only has a narrow entrance, but you must also step down in the process.  So this time I requested the accessible vehicle.  You still have to transfer out of your wheelchair, but the entry is very wide making it so much easier for me to enter and exit.


A little heads up for those who are prone to motion sickness, you don’t have to ride the attraction to get a picture of you riding Dumbo.  There is a Dumbo photo opportunity located on the west side of this attraction.




Our next destination was ToonTown.  Just a little heads up for disabled guests, Disneyland’s website instructs guests in wheelchairs to enter via the FastPass queue.  This is incorrect.  I have always entered via the standard queue and have never had an issue.  But after reading the instructions on the Disneyland website I decided to see if I had been entering incorrectly.  Well, it turns out the entering through the standard queue is the correct way.  Since the wait time was 45 minutes and we had just over an hour until our lunch reservation we passed and opted to ride Gadget’s Go Coaster instead.

20160728_115915_wm.jpg 20160728_120010_wm.jpg

12:18PM  Gadget’s Go Coaster.  If you are using a wheelchair or scooter you must enter via the exit.  As you can see from the picture the vehicles for this ride are small.  They were made to seat an adult and a child.  There isn’t much leg room either.  Because this attraction only has one set of vehicles running at a time, guests may leave anything they don’t want to risk falling out while riding on the platform.

20160728_120137_wm.jpg 20160716_124258_wm.jpg

12:35PM  We began making our way towards our lunch destination.  We made a pit stop to ride Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride.  Next, we stopped at the Mark Twain Riverboat as that is where Princess Tiana, Dr. Facilier, and Louis are usually available for photo meet and greets.  At first I was disappointed that Dr. Facilier was the only one out at this time.  However, his personality and playfulness made up for not getting to meet the others.   I do however have two complaints about this meet and greet.  The first is that there wasn’t a photo pass photographer on hand.  There was a cast member that was available to take our pictures on our phones, but that was it.  My other complaint was that they really need to find a different location on the boat, as the sun interfered with our pictures.  I had to lighten all of them because we all had shadows on our faces.


12:48PM  We enjoyed a little retail therapy.  I have been searching for a small parasol since last summer.  I didn’t want a full sized one because whoever is pushing my wheelchair needs to be able to see past my head and I didn’t want to be poking every guest we passed.  So I was delighted to discover this mini parasol located at a kiosk next to the Café Orleans.  I was ecstatic to find out that the mini parasol was only $12.95!  This price included having my name, flowers, and hearts painted on it as well!  A little FYI for passholders, this kiosk does NOT give AP discounts.  And a heads up for anyone wanting to purchase a parasol and are hoping to use it that day, order it early in the morning.  My parasol wasn’t available for me to pick up until after 6:00PM.


I am in love with my parasol.  It is small enough to not poke anybody or block views, yet perfect for keeping the sun off of my face.  Even though it wasn’t ready until 6:00pm, I still had time to test it out while waiting to watch Paint the Night that evening.

20160716_132548_wm.jpg 20160716_135245_wm.jpg

1:30PM  Lunch at Café Orleans.  This restaurant offers both indoor and outdoor seating.  Most of the year we opt to eat outdoors, but since it was so hot outside, we opted to eat indoors.  Our favorite dish is the Monte Cristo $19.  Although we had already woofed down one piece and some of the fruit, you can see from the picture that the portions are huge.  We also ordered a side of Pomme Frites $7. Click here to see how we eat for less at Disneyland.

2:20PM  After lunch, the crowds at Disneyland were increasing, so we hopped over to California Adventure.  My daughter and I took a break in the shade while my husband ran back to the parking garage to grab his phone charger.

3:30PM We entered the queue for Grizzly River Run.  We had a 70 minute wait, but the soaking we received while riding was well worth it.  My only regret was not bringing an extra pair of pants or shorts.  My shorts were still wet when I arrived home around midnight!


4:45PM  We were all feeling a little sleepy and opted to grab some caffeine from Starbucks. We also needed to wait before going over to Disneyland as we didn’t want to get caught up in the foot traffic from the Soundsational Parade.  In addition to our iced coffee we grabbed a Kitchen Sink Sundae from Clarabelle’s next door.  This treat only set us back $15.  Not only did all three of us get our fill, but we took home a souvenir.


5:45PM  We hopped back to Disneyland so that we could secure a good viewing spot for Paint the Night.  We were thrilled to see that there were benches available the moment we entered the park!  My hubby trekked over to New Orleans Square to pick up my parasol and returned just as the setting sun was blasting my eyes.

The location in which we chose to watch the parade from is at the Town Square hub and it has some pros and cons.

First the cons:

  1. This is not an ideal location to watch the fireworks that follow the parade.  Best viewing for the fireworks is on Main Street.  However, since we were planning on leaving right after the parade, this made leaving the area easier.
  2. Because this area is located near the front gates, many people enter the park at the last minute and try to push their way into the viewing area.

The pros:

  1. The view of the floats from this location is better than any view I have had on Main Street.
  2. Guests are treated to a lot of pre parade entertainment.  We had a half hour of listening to the Dapper Dan’s and approx. 45 minutes of enjoying the Disneyland All American College Marching Band.  Both were delightfully entertaining.
  3. There is a restroom located nearby!!!


8:10PM  A Photo Pass photographer came by and we opted to have our picture taken.  Prior to the parade Mickey, Minnie, and Goofy provided guests with a little entertainment.


8:45PM  Paint the Night begins.  I had hoped to live stream the parade.  Unfortunately, when I tried I kept getting a message saying that my signal was too low.  Instead, I opted to record the parade and it is now posted on my websiteClick here to watch!

9:55PM  We left the park right after the parade ended.  We could see the fireworks from our tram ride to the garage and were on our way home before 10PM.

I went the entire day without having to take any additional medication thanks to Mo’s Dream Cream!!

My husband and I will be celebrating our anniversary on our next visit.   What are your favorite romantic rides?

Wishing you a day filled with Pixie dust and magical memories,

The Disabled Disney Diva







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    I love your Disneyland posts!! This is wonderful that you still get out and explore the place you love!


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