My Review of Mo’s Dream Cream and Pain Stick and a discount just for my readers!

Mo’s Dream Cream and Pain Stick


Those of you that follow my blog know that I am obsessed with using medical marijuana (CBD and THC) products for pain relief.  Nothing pharmaceutical or other natural products have ever come close to providing the same relief, that is until now……..

disclosure review

I was skeptical about trying out Mo’s Dream Cream and Pain Stick.  I have tried many natural products in the past that provided little or no relief.  I have had allergic reactions to many as well.   In fact I was about to pass on the offer to give this product a try until I read the story about the woman who created it.  Not only has she been living with chronic pain for as long as I have, but her pains and conditions were similar.  Like me she grew tired of never experiencing relief and was over the side effects caused by prescription pain pills.  She went on to study Apothecary and Chinese Herbology.  The end result was Mo’s Dream Cream and Pain Stick.

Okay, at the risk of sounding like a salesman, I can’t help but tell everyone I meet how much I love this product!  The nurse at one of my latest doctor visits was so impressed that she wrote down the website so she could order some for her mom and herself.  Personally this product works equally as well as my favorite CBD and THC lotions and oils.  This makes it a fabulous alternative for those who unsure if they want to use or can’t afford a CBD product.  Speaking of cost, that’s was something that I am very pleased with.  The Lotion sells for $20 and the Pain Stick is only $15!!  However, the cost of a product means nothing if it doesn’t work, right?

Wondering how it works?  Again, I know I sound like a cheesy salesman, but OMG, this product is truly fabulous!!!!!  Is it a cure?  Of course not, but it does provide measurable and long lasting relief from muscle aches, joint pain, and nerve pain.  No matter what area of my body I apply it to, I experience relief within 5 minutes.  How long the relief lasts depends upon how severe the pain is or how careful or careless I am about minding my physical limits.

An example of how it helps me is this.  My wrist often hurts so badly that if I didn’t know better I would swear it was broken.  This pain makes it impossible to type or even hold a glass.  Within 5 minutes of applying Mo’s Dream Cream, the pain is greatly reduced if not completely gone and I regain full use.  Some days I need to reapply the lotion once or twice throughout my day, but most days, I only need to apply it once in the morning.

Last month I put this product to the test while spending the day at Disneyland.  Not wanting to risk having the lotion spill all over my bag, I decided to only use it before I left the house.  I opted to bring along the Pain Stick in case I needed to reapply.  Because I was going to be out in the heat all day, I packed my Pain Stick between frozen bottles of water in my lunch bag sized cooler.  Prior to getting dressed, I massaged the Dream Cream into my neck, shoulders, wrists, and elbows.  I had my husband rub it up and down my spine.  I also rubbed it into my sacrum, hips, thigh that has nerve damage, knees, ankles, and feet.  Like always, I began my Disneyland day by also taking approx. 5mg of medical marijuana.


Typically, I need to consume more medical marijuana throughout my day.  However, that was not the case on this day.  Although I was experiencing intense pain in my abdomen from adhesions, I went 10 hours until I experienced throbbing pain throughout my hips and spine!!  Because of this and the fact that nothing helps with my abdominal pain, I didn’t take another dose of medical marijuana until I arrived at home that evening! For me this is impressive.  The fact that I was only experiencing low to moderate (that is what I consider to be those levels, everyone has a different idea of what is low or high), even after riding Grizzly River Run three times in one day is mind blowing!  Typically, my hips, spine, and nerve damaged leg are throbbing before the ride is over!

Another bonus is that I haven’t had any negative reactions to the ingredients. A little FYI: If you are on a chemo or radiation therapy, do not use until 60 days after last treatment. The citrus essential oils cause burning sensation of skin during treatment periods.


The pain stick, which I mostly only use while out of the house, which is not often, contains the following ingredients:  Capsaicin paste, citrus, clove, and wintergreen essential oils.

I have also discovered that while it doesn’t help with the source of my abdominal pain, it does reduce the amount of contractions and outer muscle pain that it creates.  Overall I give this product an A+

Now here is the BEST part, by using the code Cynthia4U, my readers will receive 10% off all products!!! WooHoo!!!!

Click here to order yours today!

Wishing you a day with less pain and many reasons to smile!

The Disabled Diva





8 thoughts on “My Review of Mo’s Dream Cream and Pain Stick and a discount just for my readers!

  1. Hi Cynthia,

    I love hearing how my lotion helps others! 💞 We are Disney-lovers ourselves and were last at the park in March celebrating my big 5-0!! Without Mos’ Dream Cream and No Mo Pain Stick, there’s just no way I could enjoy a day at Disneyland!

    I’m so glad you gave my products a try! Amazing things happen when desperation and determination are the source of our motivation!!




    • Well I can’t thank you enough for creating this product. I’m still in awe of how great my day at Disneyland was because of it. Looking forward to going back this weekend with my lotion on and pain stick in my cooler.


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