Park day recap #7 June 18, 2016 Disneyland and California Adventure

img_20160623_141040.jpgWhile I have not been physically up for visiting Disneyland as often as I would like this year, I am thankful that I have made it to the parks at least once a month.  I am also grateful for my husband and daughter because I couldn’t do it without them.  Last month we visited Disneyland on Mother’s Day.  This month we knew we wanted to avoid Father’s Day.  Not because we wanted to punish my husband, but because in the past we have discovered that Father’s Day is one of the busiest days in the parks.  So instead of the Father’s Day itself, we went the day before.  Wow!! What a difference!!!  The crowds were low and the parks had the wait times to prove it!

I was experiencing a lot of abdominal pain and was prepared to hurt more by the end of the day.  To combat my physical pain I brought along an Indica Cheeba Chew and my No Mo Pain Stick.  Prior to leaving the house I practically bathed with Mo’s Dream Cream.  Find out if this helped with my Fibromyalgia and Psoriatic Arthritis pain at the end of this post!  (I will be posting a review of the No Mo Pain Stick and Mo’s Dream Cream in a few weeks.)


Besides celebrating Father’s Day, our main goals for this day were to see the new Frozen Live at the Hyperion Theater and Soarin’ over the World.  Knowing that the lines would be long for these two new attractions, we planned to get Fast Passes as soon as we arrived at 8:00AM.  The nice thing about Fast Passes for shows or character meet and greets is that they do not count against your ride Fast Passes.

20160623_133938.png 20160623_134004.png

The line for the Frozen Fast Pass filled and intertwined throughout Hollywoodland.  After getting that pass we went over to Grizzly Peaks to get our Soarin’ passes.

20160623_134026.png 20160623_134112.png

We were in for a HOT day and were already feeling the heat in the early hours.  To cool off we chose Grizzly River Run as our first ride.  My daughter rode this once a few years back and swore she would never ride again.  Not sure if it was the heat or if she was really ready to conquer her fear, but I was thrilled that she was willing to go on it with us.  She had tears in her eyes as we were loading into our raft.  We all, including the cast member, encouraged her and told her that if she wanted off she had to make that decision now.  Thankfully she stayed in the raft.  She shed a few more tears as the ride started, but once we hit the rapids, her tears were replaced with a huge grin!!  She loved it!!! She loved it so much that when we returned to the loading area, she asked the cast member is we could go again!!  Because the wait time was so low he let us go again!  I was so proud that she decided to face her fear and I wasn’t the only one.  While we were exiting the raft, the cast member told her how awesome he thought she was for overcoming her fear and gave her a Fast Pass good for any ride in either park!


Click here to view this video

20160623_134246.png 20160623_134318.png

I took some time to recover from the beating my body took on the river run by resting in the sun.  I also wanted to dry off a bit before having to be in any air conditioned attractions.  While I rested, my husband and daughter went on Toy Story Mania.  I later met them and my husband and I rode California Screamin’.  If you have the opportunity to ride in the front row of this coaster, DO IT!!!  I posted a little video of California Screamin’ on Disneyability’s Twitter page, click here to view it.


While I don’t regret seeing Soarin’ over the World, it’s not something that I care to see again.  I am hoping that Soarin’ over California will return with a year or two.  First off, Soarin’ over the World belongs at Disney World not California Adventure.  Give guests a reason to visit the other parks, in my opinion each park should have very little in common when it comes to shows and rides.  With that said, SOW felt fake compared to SOC.  There was too much CGI and the transition from one area of the world to another felt choppy and not fluid like California’s.


Click here to see some clips from Frozen live at the Hyperion


Click here to view clips from Frozen live at the Hyperion

After Soarin’ it was time to get in line for Frozen at the Hyperion Theater.  Be warned, the demand to see this show is high. Do yourself a favor and arrive early!  For guests in wheelchairs, you have the option of remaining in your chair or transferring to a seat.  Disney can only guarantee that you will have one other person from your party able to sit by you if you remain in your wheelchair.  I have been fortunate that there has always been room for two others during my visits.  However, I would have no problem sitting alone if necessary.  With the demand to see this show so high, I recommend on figuring out who will remain with the guest in the wheelchair beforehand.

How was the show?  As with all Disney productions, it was fabulous!  However, because the script does not allow for adlibbing like Aladdin did, I won’t be going out of my way to see it again unless I have someone with me that really must experience it.  The hardest part for me was not singing along.  I miss the Frozen Singalong because I could belt out my favorite songs and was encourage to sing loudly.


Although we were getting hungry, we knew we had to go see Spider Man and Captain America before we ate or not see them at all as this meet and greet often ends around 3:00pm.

20160618_131559 wdw2016170490949989 wdw2016170490948605

The guys were fantastic!!  Spidey came over to give my daughter a hard time about her Captain America t-shirt while we were in line.  We had so much fun playing around with these characters and love the pics that the photo pass photographer took of us.

20160623_134628.png 20160618_141223(0)20160618_141531

We decided to try something new for lunch.  We went to the Pacific Wharf Café because that was one of two places that still had a few of the Annual Passholder refillable sippers available for sale.  For those of you that haven’t heard, Annual Passholders can purchase a special popcorn bucket for $15 and get $1 refills through Sept. 2nd.  We can also get $1 refills on fountain drinks by purchasing a $20 souvenir light up sipper cup!  After purchasing ours we decided that we would share a meal.  With $1 popcorn refills, I could keep our tummies happy until we left that night.  We shared the Turkey Pesto Club on Sourdough bread for $9.79 and some kind of apple/caramel dessert.  I have no idea what the dessert was called as I didn’t order it, nor was it on the menu, but OH MY GOODNESS it was delicious!!


After lunch we stopped for a family photo. The photo pass photographers are so much fun and take the best pictures!


Needing a break from the heat, my daughter suggested that we use her bonus Fast Pass to ride Grizzly again.   Click here to see the final drop on this thrill ride.

20160623_134802.png 20160621_174214.jpg 20160618_154042.jpg

I was so excited to find out that It’s Tough to be a Bug is back!!!  For the past three years, the theater that hosts this 3D show has been used for Disney movie previews.  Movie previews are now being held  where The Muppets and the Frozen singalong used to reside.  It’s Tough to be a Bug is a fun little show and a great place to cool off in.  Be aware that if you have young children with you, this show could frighten them.  Someone once told me that it ruined the day after their three year old freaked out in it.  This was my daughter’s first time experiencing it and at 14 years of age she was disturbed by the spiders.  She said that she would have most likely had a meltdown had she experienced this attraction at a younger age.

20160623_134816.png 20160623_134843.png 20160623_134915.png 20160618_161259

Around 4:00PM we decided to hop over to Disneyland.  Going into this park at this hour isn’t normally something I like to do, but we decided to take a chance.  To our surprise, Disneyland’s crowd level was just as low as California Adventure!!  We had intended to go straight to Hyperspace Mountain, but when we entered Main Street and saw that there was ample curb seating for the Soundsational parade that was to start in 30 minutes, we decided to stay and watch it.  Typically everyone in your party needs to be present within the hour prior to the parade starting.  But because there was so few people, I was able to hold our spot on the curb while my family went to grab us coffee.  While waiting I was treated to a performance from the Disneyland Marching Band.  I loved it and it made me miss the days when my son was a drummer in his high school marching band.  My family returned with my caffeine fix just minutes before the parade began.  Click here to view the live video of the parade.

20160623_135016.pngAfter the parade we obtained our disabled return time for Hyperspace and Fast Passes for Indiana Jones.  We had an hour until we could ride Hyperspace so we kept cool inside the Star Wars Launch Bay.

20160623_135132.pngwdw2016171491088150 wdw2016171491094890 wdw2016171491114267

wdw2016171491114224 wdw2016171491114265

We had a blast hanging out with Boba Fett, Kylo Ren, and Chewbacca.  Be sure to visit Chewbacca after you have had time to cool off as he loves to give everyone hugs!  We all received big hairy hugs and were so glad that we weren’t sweaty!!


Next stop Hyperspace. Right after we checked in the ride shut down.  We opted to wait and it was up and running within 15 minutes.


There was less than a 10 minute wait for The Jungle Cruise which meant no disabled return time was needed, so we rode this before going on Indiana Jones.


I was pretty much done for the day and chose to rest while my husband and daughter rode Indiana Jones.  Afterwards we headed home.  I mentioned earlier that I practically bathed with Mo’s Dream Cream that morning.  This stuff is amazing!!  I will be posting a full review of this product soon, but for now I will tell you that my hips did not start throbbing until 6:00PM!!!  This is amazing considering how many times I rode Grizzly River Run!! Not only that, but I medicated with less MMJ than I normally do while in the park.  Because nothing, including MMJ, helps with my abdominal pain, I used my muscle pain to determine how often or how much I needed throughout my day.  I can’t wait to tell you more about this fabulous lotion!!!

Well that’s it for this recap! Click here to read past recaps.

I hope you have a magical day filled with many reasons to smile!

The Disabled Diva






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