Park day recap #6 May 8, 2016 Disneyland and California Adventure

This was a day of continuing a tradition and experiencing a few firsts.  Between my husband’s work schedule and my health, I haven’t been in the parks as often as I would like.  I spent the prior two Mother’s Days at Disneyland and thought for sure that I would be spending this one in bed.  My pain level higher than normal during the days prior and hand tremors were in full force.  When I went to bed Saturday night, I planned on spending Mother’s Day in bed working on blog posts.

When I awoke on Sunday morning, I told my husband that I felt crap and had no plans to leave the bed.  An hour later he asked, “just how crappy do you feel? Want to go to Disneyland?”  I debated with myself for a half hour.  Finally, I said “Let’s go!”

This is why I can go to Disneyland even when I really don’t have the energy to anything else;  I don’t have to drive, walk, or sit up straight.  I can medicate, relax, and enjoy bursts of energy when they hit. What I like most about being at Disneyland is that I don’t have to engage in conversation unless I want to.  It’s too hard to have a conversation with the person pushing my wheelchair, so we wait until we are stopped.  My family also doesn’t mind if I take a cat nap while waiting in lines.  Plus we are there to have fun, not partake in serious, thought provoking conversations.


Wondering how my day went?  Read on…..

8:30 AM: Decided to go to Disneyland.  I never thought it would be possible for the three of us to get ready in such a short amount of time.

10:44 AM:  Arrived around the corner from the Mickey and Friend’s Parking Garage.  One thing Disneyland has a bad habit of doing is scheduling multiple events at once or scheduling events on holidays.  For my 3rd Mother’s Day in a row, Disneyland scheduled a marathon. An hour and fifteen minutes later we were finally through the park security gates.

Noon: At Disneyland’s handicap gate.  For those of you who don’t know there is a gate in the center that is only for guests using a wheelchair or ECV.

12:15 PM  Received a Disabled Return Time of 1:20 PM for Hyperspace Mountain.

12:20 PM  In line for the Matterhorn.  While I had given up riding this attraction, I had just found out that padding was added to the seats of bobsleds.  Feeling brave, I decided that I wanted to “feel” for myself if they really made a difference.


12:35 PM: Boarding Matterhorn.   WOW!!!!!  The padding on the seats of this ride are amazing!!!  In the past this ride would hurt my tail bone and spine so badly that I wouldn’t be able to walk for weeks afterwards.  With the addition of the padding I didn’t feel a thing!!!! My shoulders took a beating, but that is just because I haven’t gotten to the point where I can ride this attraction completely hands-free.  I am so thankful that Disneyland finally listened to guests like me that have been asking for years for them to pad the seats on the Matterhorn.  This ride has gone from a ride that I would only allow myself to be tortured on once a year to something I want to ride every time I am in the park.

12:45 PM:  Time for a people watching break.  My daughter is not a fan of the Matterhorn.  While my husband I are were at the Matterhorn, she went into the Star Wars Launch Bay to catch up with some of her favorite characters.


My daughter with Boba Fett


Kylo Ren

1:05 PM:  We still had 15 minutes until we could go back to Hyperspace.  We decided to kill time by riding Buzz Lightyear.


See the flower in my hair?  Each year Disneyland gives moms a flower to pin to their shirt/jacket on Mother’s Day.  AWWW, so sweet……right?  Well, the pin they give you is huge!!  Rides that have seatbelts or harness that go over the shoulders cause the pin to poke me!  This year I felt it would be safer to put it in my headband instead of risk being stabbed.

In honor of Mother’s Day, my daughter said that she would ride next to me on all the rides we rode together. She almost regretted her decision when I came close to losing my breakfast on Buzz.  I had to quickly signal that there would be no spinning today.

1:30 PM: Checked into the Hyperspace Mountain handicap queue.


Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil

2:20 PM:  The crowd in Disneyland was increasing and we decided to hop over to California Adventure before the parade chaos began.

2:30 PM Wanted to get a picture with Spider Man.  Line was crazy long.  We decided that we’d meet him some other day when the parks aren’t so crowded.  Instead we opted to grab coffee and a Mickey cookie.

3:20 PM  In line for California Screamin’.

So today included a couple of firsts for me.  The first being that I was able to ride the Matterhorn without injuring my tail bone or spine.  The second and third happened on California Screamin’.  It has been just a little less than a year since I overcame my fear of riding this roller coaster.  In this time I have refused to sit up front.  However, this afternoon I was feeling brave and when the cast member asked if I would like the front row, I said YES!  All I have to say is I never want to sit anywhere else!  The front row is an amazing experience!!!  This leads me to my final first of the day.  When I first began riding this coaster, I kept my eyes closed for the entire ride.  Then about six months ago, I began opening them after we came out of the loop.  But on this day, for some unknown reason, I didn’t close my eyes when the countdown began.  The only time I forced myself to close them was as we entered the loop, but I opened them back up as soon as we were out of it.  My husband and the people behind us had a good laugh as I kept screaming “Shut your eyes idiot” “OMG were going to die” “Holy crap this is amazing”.  Best experience ever!!!!!!

4:00 PM: Went to ride Luigi’s Rollickin’ Roadsters, but discovered it had a 50 minute wait.  Now I love this ride, but not enough to wait more than 30 minutes.  Plan B: Hubby left us to ride Tower of Terror, while my daughter and I got in line for Radiator Racers.  The standard wait time was 75 minutes and the single rider queue only had a 40 minute wait.  Can you guess which one we picked?  That’s right, sometimes getting on faster is more important than who we sit with.  Because I have to use the handicapped loading area, I had to wait an additional 20 minutes.

5:30 PM  We decided to call it a day. A half hour later we were pulling out of the parking garage and on our way home.

Considering how crowded the parks were, I was thrilled that I was able to go on 5 popular attractions within 5 1/2 hours.

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Until next time, I wish you days filled with Pixie dust and many reasons to smile!

The Disabled Diva







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